Sunday, July 11, 2010

Father's Day 2010 in SF

For Father's Day this year we let my husband decide where he wanted to go...he picked San Francisco.  I liked this idea because the only time the girls had been there was for the zoo but that's on the opposite side of the city, so they would love this too.  So we all got ready to go with myself, my girls, Adam and my mom.

It was a BEAUTIFUL day!
When we first got there we thought it would be fun to get the girls characture done...

We decided to go down to Pier girls would love the fun atmosphere down there with the sea lions, the fun people that dress in all silver and the street shows that happen all over.

We had fun going through the pier showing the girls all the super cute shops and letting them ride some of the rides.

Then we found a great spot to get our picture taken with the island that housed the prison in the above picture with the family you can see Alcatraz along with the picture you can see it behind the girls too!

We had been there for a couple of hours when we saw that there was a dancing street show about to start...we love these so we got in the front row.  Little did we know that because they were in the front row...that this group of dancers were going to look for two REALLY TALL white guys.  They spotted my husband Adam right away.  I was cracking up!
When they found the other tall white guy...we learned that one of the dancers were going to do a flip over the top of these two guys.  This was hilarious.  What a Father's Day!

So of course, I recorded it on my phone so here is the grand finale of dance show with Adam in it...super fun!
Then...we got the text that Adam's brother Mikey's wife was delivering her baby right then...we packed up got in the car and headed to the hospital about 3 hours away to be able to meet our new baby nephew and welcome him into this world.  WOW...what a day!

I am very thankful for such a wonderful husband but more  importantly such an AMAZING father to my precious girls.  I couldn't hand pick a better dad for my little ladies and that is such a blessing.  Thank you Jesus!


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