Sunday, January 31, 2010

Multiples & More Question of the Week...Twins Birth Order

My friends over at Multiples...and More! are having a Question of the Week for us mothers of multiples.

Describe your childrens' personalities, in birth order. Do you think your kids personalities are related to their birth order?
Baby A is a very sweet, loving, totally organized, just wants everyone to be happy, little girl.  Baby B is very strong willed, sweet, loving, wants to help with anything...very kind and giving, not organized at all.
I don't believe birth order has anything to do with the girls' personalities.  Also, they don't know who is older...they think they are the same age...CUZ THEY ARE!  2 minutes doesn't constitute "older" in my book.

Is your baby A any bolder or more dominant than B, C, D? actually the opposite.  Baby B is more strong willed which then makes her a little more dominant.  However there are times when Baby A actually depends on the week. LOL

Does your last-born reach milestones last as well?
Well, she was the first to walk, the first to lose a tooth.  Baby B was the first to whistle, the first to learn to ride her bike (with her sister about 10 minutes behind her).

Are there any characteristics that you feel are somehow related to birth order?
Being that these are my only children, I don't really have anything to compare it to.  If the birth order has something to do with Baby A being more organized and more of a planner where Baby B is more fly by the seat of her pants then I guess so.  But I won't know until I read others' posts. :)

Do you find that a lot of people like to "classify" your kids? How do you feel about it?
The people that I find do it the most are the ones that don't have multples, aren't multiples and aren't parents to multiples.  The ones that do it the most basically have absolutely nothing to back up what they are saying.  They do like to find things that make them different, so they say...which one is older?  My girls will say neither.  It's so funny though, people just want so bad to find something different that they think that's a sure bet.  My girls are 2 minutes apart, in my book, that's not older.  So my girls don't know that one is older than the other.  Just another way to try to compare them. :)


Friday, January 29, 2010

Aloha Friday...Vacations

Welcome to this week’s edition of Aloha Friday! Thanks to Kailani at An Island Life, I participate in Aloha Friday each Friday!
In Hawaii, Aloha Friday is the day that they take it easy and look forward to the weekend. So I thought that on Fridays I would take it easy on posting, too. Therefore, I’ll ask a simple question for you to answer. Nothing that requires a lengthy response.

If you’d like to participate, just post your own question on your blog and leave your link at An Island Life. Don’t forget to visit the other participants! It’s a great way to make new bloggy friends!

My question is:

What is your favorite vacation spot and why?

I like Kauai for tropical was the most beautiful, non-commercialized island I have ever been to.  And as for non-tropical favorite would have to be New York.  We were there for 8 days and had a blast!

Head on over to Kailani and link up!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

What to do...besides eat!

Some things in life you just have no choice of those is metabolism.  When it came to the gene pool, I got the shallow end of the metabolism.  With a half brother and sister that are seriously on the verge of unhealthy skinny, it's obvious who hogged the metabolism when it was being handed out.  Being the baby...I guess there just wan't any left over.  Wonderful...thanks Dad!

So needless to say my life journey has never allowed me to just eat whatever I want without consequences.  To be quite honest with you, I can actually gain weight just by looking at a delightful morsel!

Well last year I was really big in to Cardio Kickboxing...and it rocked!  OMG...first of all I can't believe I would actually make it through the class alive.  Not to mention go back!  It was kind of like a were there and seriously didn't know if you were going to live through it and then at the end you couldn't believe you did it...adrenaline rush!  So you couldn't wait to go back.

Well I did lose a lot of weight and was totally tone.  I actually found that my arms really can have a definition line.  I had a muscle and I'm not even kidding.

Then around the summer of last year I started to slack off...however I ate what ever I wanted.  Don't ask me how I was adding this all up in my head to be remotely ok.  Well some...not all...but most of the weight is back.  So here I sit at the drawing board again.

I know what motivates me and that's I called one of my close friends and business partners...Blake.  I said, "I challenge you"...and he was all ears because...shocking...competition is what motivates him too!

So here is the competition...starting on February 1st, we are going to see who can lose the most weight in 2 April 1st.  (The last time I did a competition like this I lost 45 lbs in 5 months.)  I am so excited...any of you that would like to join in on the competition, please let me know and I will add you to it.

I will be blogging the progress...

So here's how I am going to start.  I have already gotten a gym membership, so I start on Monday.  Also, I will be eating no least for the first two weeks and then I will allow a small amount of carbs in to my life style.  Also, I am going to do a cleanse.  I have always wanted to do one and will be blogging about that...not the "outcome" if you will, but the process.  LOL

I will announce when we start and maybe we will even post pictures...before and after.  That would be very scary in the beggining...but worth it by the end.

Have a great day guys...because I only have a couple of days left, I'm off to Chinese food with the church.  LOL


Sunday, January 24, 2010

Multiples & More Question of the did I name my girls?

My friends over at Multiples...and More! are having a Question of the Week for us mothers of multiples.

The question was...

How did you choose your multiples' names?

It's kind of a funny story...when we found out we were having identical twins we didn't know what their sex was.  So we had names for either boys or girls...for boys they were going to be Tanner and Tracyn and for girls they would have been Taylor and Tori.

After we got the ultrasound that told us we were having GIRLS...we were so excited.  When I got home from the doctor that day, there was a message on my answering machine that said, "Hi Taylor and Tori's mom." and it was at that moment that I realized I didn't like those names.  So we were on the search again...

We finally settled on Emilie and Erynn (of course they were spelled different because my name is Kandi and I like that my name is spelled different.) 

As for middle names...I really wanted them named after Adam and myself.  His middle name is Joseph and mine is Darlene so we were going to name them, Emilie Jo and Erynn Darlene.  But then I didn't like that fact that one would be after him and one after me...I wanted them both after both of us.

So I started to figure out how to make a name out of our first names...but with Adam and Kandi...there weren't a lot of options.  I then started playing with our middle names and got it...we took the "Jo" out of Joseph and the "lene" out of Darlene and named both of their middle names Jolene!

Emilie Jolene and Erynn Jolene!  And I am so satisfied with that!

As for how we were going to name them when they were born...the first one out was going to be Emilie...that's how she got her name.

To read about more multiples name combos...head on over to Multiples and More.


Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday Follow...A celebration of followers

Welcome to the second Friday Follow celebration hosted by One 2 Try, Hearts Make Families and Midday Escapades! We invite you to join us every Friday to get more blog followers and to follow other interesting blogs. It is all about sharing and having fun.

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***I just linked up and think you should too!  It's easy and fun!
Happy Friday!

Aloha Friday...

In Hawaii, Aloha Friday is the day that we take it easy and look forward to the weekend. So I thought that on Fridays I would take it easy on posting, too. Therefore, I’ll ask a simple question for you to answer. Nothing that requires a lengthy response.

This week's questions is:

What book are you reading right now?

I decided to change my question this you will see some answers to my last question (What is the best blogger advice you have been given) but I liked this question better.  Thanks for bearing with me! :)

I am currently reading the Jim Rohn book, "The Five Majore Pieces to the Life Puzzle".  It's amazing!  If you are in a place in your life that you are looking to grow, change, re-evaluate...this is the book for you.  It's amazing, very small and you will definitely relate to it!

To get more Aloha Friday...head on over to An Island Life!


Thursday, January 21, 2010

A bomb at school...

A mom can truly never rest...the girls and I went through our normal routine today and were off to school.  They looked adorable as usual, but then I am pretty partial.

Every morning I walk the girls up instead of kicking them out on the curbside...they are only in 1st grade. 

This morning, however when I was walking Erynn to her of the little boys came walking up and talking to me.  They all know me because I volunteer in each of the girls' classes once a week.  He said..
"I have a bomb in my pocket." as he is wearing one of those big black, long coats.  It was obvious that there was a large bulk in one of his pockets and not the other. 

I said to him, "You can't say things like that.  If you say things like that, the cops will come and you will be sent to the office.  That's pretty serious."  His eyes got big and that was that.  I mentioned it to the teacher before leaving to make sure that he talked to him about saying things like that at school.

You would think that it would be all over with, however as I was driving away from the school I thought to myself, what if he really did have some sort of a bomb in his pocket and is in the classroom with my daughter.  Of course you want to give him the benefit of the doubt that he is kidding, but what if?

I drove away and thought I wonder if at any time during these school shootings or bombings...did the perpetrator jokingly say something to the kids..." I have a gun in my pocket" and they just brush it off not believing him.  These are the kind of things that are going through my mind.

So now I sit at home still wondering if I should call the teacher, just to confirm for my mom heart that the big bulky thing that was very obviously sticking out of his pocket was not a bomb.

What to do? sad that this is my worry today.


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Commonly Asked Twin Questions...

I got this idea from Simply Blessed with answer commonly asked twin here goes:

1. Do they have a special 'twin' language?
A: My girls never really had "a language" if you will, except for one time...I was washing dishes and they were in their high chair behind me and I used to repeat what they said so they knew I was listening...they were 17 months old and I repeated what they said but actually had no idea what I was saying.  I turned around and looked at them and they looked at me like...are you stupid?  I actually felt stupid oddly enough and they went on to continue talking to themselves.  That was the only time I noticed it and it only lasted for a month or so.

2. Does one cry when the other gets hurt?
A: No...although there was a time when one of them was throwing up and the other was complaining of the stomach pains.  Also, there was a time when one of them had hurt their arm and the other complained of the pain. 

3. Do the girls share a room/crib/bed?
A: They do share a room.  When we first brought them home they were in the same crib until they were 8 months old and that separation was harder on me than on them.  LOL  When they were 5 years old we gave them their own room and for the first two nights they loved it, then they wanted their room back together.  They didn't like being apart, so we put them back together and made the other room a play room.  They loved that.

4. Can I tell them apart?
A: Usually identical twins do not look anything alike to the mom!  There are many moms that think their twins are not identical because she doesn't think they look alike, however that is a mother nature thing.

5. Why do you or don't you dress them alike?
A: I used to dress them alike because it was just easier to pick out one outfit and buy it or pick out one outfit and they both wore it.  Anytime we received gifts, they were always matching and I loved it.  As they have gotten older they still dress exactly alike most of the time and others will think that I do it.  This time I have nothing to do with it.  They enjoy dressing alike and will tell that themselves.  Which if you think about it, they were one egg...of course they are going to have a lot of similarities and likes and dislikes that are the same.

6. Which one is older?
A: It is so funny to me that people will automatically try to find something different with the girls.  When they can't they will ask...which one is older?  My girls don't know that one of them is older than the other.  Why create a problem, right?  And honestly, 2 minutes to me is not considered "older".  So when they ask them, who is older...they will say, neither, we are the same age.  It sometimes makes me a bit crazy sometimes when they are so determined to find something different.  I always talk to my girls about it though and we laugh.

7.  Lastly...I will share with you all the funny stupid things that people say and think they are
Double trouble;  Boy you got your hands full;  The doublemint twins;  Better you than me (and I totally agree); Are they twins?;  and many more but that's just a handful of what I can remember.

If you're a multiple mom out there please send me a message with the most annoying thing that you hear from other know just for the fun of it. :)

If anyone has any other questions...just ask! It's actually kind of fun!


Monday, January 18, 2010

How do you tell the kids what the dogs are doing????

We recently decided that we are going to breed our Albino Boxer, Martini.  She is almost 2 years old and is now in her second heat. 

The whole heat thing was something that we had to learn how to handle slightly a nightmare...I looked online and found that if you have boxers with a stub for a tail, you can actually use Luvs size 6 diapers and they leave them alone.  You are never going to believe it...IT WORKS!!  It is friggin hilarious and every time I laugh I have to make sure she doesn't think it's at her...check out these pictures you's off the hook funny!  I actually give her a cookie every time she lets me put one on so she thinks its a really good thing!

So like that wasn't enough...we found a stud and had them bring the dog over and were gonna leave him for the night so they could "mate".  Earlier that day my husband looked at my puppy (she's really not a puppy but we love her so much and she is such our baby that we still call her our puppy)...he said to her, "Well Martini, I guess you're gonna get laid."  I was SO offended, I could not believe he would talk to our baby girl that way.  How inconsiderate!  Talking to her like she was a piece of meat! 

I thought this whole "breeding" thing was going to be fine...I figured we would put them in the garage for the night and my girls would never know anything.  They were a little confused as to why the "boy dog" had to come over...they thought he was going to be able to tell us if Martini was pregnant or not.  I just really wasn't ready to have the "birds and the bees" talk with my girls at 6 years old girls, if ya know what I mean.

So the boy dog gets here, his name is Boots, and all of a sudden he is "hugging" our puppy!  My girls said mom what is he doing...I turned around and said..."oh, for heavens sake, he is already hugging her he is so excited to see her...get in the house NOW girls!"

I was sweating bullets!

I can honestly tell you that I actually felt a little guilty and still do.  Our dog Martini is our baby and I just pimped her out.  Oh, it kind of makes me a little sick to even say that!

We have researched the whole breeding thing and found out how it works...when he actually does his "deed" in her...they are stuck together.  I truly wish I was kidding!  What have we got ourselves in to???

Well, we believe that the "deed" was done and we are now waiting a couple of weeks to find out if she is pregnant.  I will call the vet tomorrow and find out...but seriously, can't you just use a normal pregnancy test and have her pee on it.  How much different could it really be?  Totally kidding!

Anyway, we were reading other things that I am so excited about...the full term of her pregnancy will be about 63 days and when she is getting close we will know because she will continue to look at her butt in a confused what the hell is going on  manner...LMAO.

Then when the babies are born, we get to help her by ripping the sacs open and cutting the umbillical cord...for those of you who don't know, I was a pre-med major when I started school.  I CAN'T wait for this part! 

I will be blogging the whole journey so stay tuned....for rest of the story.

Good night!

I have added this to the memes True Story Tuesday and Tuesday Toot at Mommy read more True Stories or other toots...hop on over to Once Upon a Miracle and Tuesday Toot Meme.

Parents for Sale on Craigslist...

Parents For Sale - $155

“Got lots of use out of these guys over the past 50 years but it’s time to move on. Excellent overall condition. Still plenty of life left in them.”

I have recently learned how many people don't actually use Craigslist and I thought I would share with you what an awesome site it is for buying and selling...not necessarily your loved ones...unless that works for you.  LOL

There are many times that I am looking for something to buy and just can't find the right thing for the right price...I always check first and can find outstanding deals.  For example, we have recently bought a new house that has a full bar, we found the coolest four, kind of funky, bar stools with backs that fit perfect...that were just recently reupholstered with the best material.  They are like brand new...4 of them for $35. 

We were selling our old house and moving in to our new house and the appliances in our new house were black, whereas in our old house they were white.  So we put our refrigerator on Craigslist and were able to have a response, seriously within about 15 minutes of posting it.  Not only did we sell our refrigerator but we sold the matching dishwasher also.  I had no idea how much to charge for the two of them cuz I'm not good in that arena and they offered $700 for both.  That is about $200 more than my husband and I would have asked.  In addition, we sold the kitchen table and chairs, the trampoline, etc.

Our new house is on a hillside so there is not level ground for our playstructure that we bought from know the one, the big huge wooden one that's awesome!  We paid $1500 for it 3 years ago and my little girls were 3 years old playing on needless to say, very little use.  We put it on Craigslist for $750 and sold it...the best part is that they come to get it, pick it up, pay cash and all you have to do is post it.

We then wanted to look on for a new refrigerator before we went to the store...we found a guy who had lived in his house less than 2 years and was having to short sell it.  He was selling all of his applicances...we couldn't have hand picked the more perfect refrigerator for our new house.  It was the top of the line...couple thousand dollar refrigerator...he was asking $500.  We went that day and picked it up and are blown away with the deals that you can sell and buy on Craigslist.

As you saw at the beginning of this blog...some people have actually put their parents for sale on Craigslist...for $155.  Go figure.

The one warning I have for you is that there are a number of people that will send messages about your ads that aren't legitimate.  Make sure you don't check or even respond to any of the ones that you receive over night...those are from different countries and scams.  And don't EVER accept a deal where they are saying that they live over seas and are having to send you a money order with more money on the money order than what you are asking...and they say that extra money is for shipping.  They ask that you could just give the additional amount in the form of a cashiers check to the gentleman coming to pick up the items to cover shipping with that money...TOTAL SCAM!!  Don't even respond!

Accept if ands or buts about it!!  CASH OR NO DEAL!  And I would not even respond to anyone that says anything that doens't seem quite right.  You will see the area where the people are from that are interested and if you don't recognize it, don't respond.  I know this seems scary...but it really is very easy and kind of fun. 

I actually found myself looking around my house for more things to sell just because it was fun!  Thankfully my husband wasn't on the list that time...

Peace out!


Makes My Monday

My girls and our precious dog Martini being lazy on a Sunday!  I love this picture so's makes not only my Monday but my whole week.

To Make Your Monday...hop on over to Twinfatuation and link up!


Sunday, January 17, 2010

Monday Mayehm...what would you do?

It's time to play Monday Mayhem, where no two Mondays are the same.

Today's meme is the scenario meme. For each prompt, simply write your best answer.

1. You see a strange car pull up to your neighbor's house every day at lunch time. You accidental glance into the window of the house and notice that your 'happily married neighbor' is fooling around! What do you do?

Hope they are making it worth it...i guess.  None of my business...wouldn't get involved.   Except for buying a telescope...totally kidding. :)

2. You are at the mall and a mom with really annoying screaming little kids is walking in front of you. She goes to give her kids a quarter for the giant gum ball machine and she accidentally drops a $10 bill and doesn't realize it. What do you do?

I would either tell her or pick it up and give it back to if she was being mean to the kids, that's a whole other ball game.

3. You get an email from a candy company telling you that they will send you 6 pounds of delicious chocolate if you blog about their product. When you get the product and try it you realize that it is the worst chocolate that you have ever tasted. What do you do?

There would probably be a reason they were sending me so much in the first place...I would contact them, let them know my feelings and ask what they wanted me to do.  Or I would re-gift it to my

4. Texting while driving is one of the most dangerous and annoying things someone could do. Yet, what would you do if you were driving and listening to the radio when the announcer says that he will give $10,000 to the first person with your name that texts a message to him?

Being that my name is Kandi...I would have to go ahead and do it cuz what are the odds that someone else out there named Kandi was listening.  I can't stand when people text and drive so if I  was at a stop siglight when I heard it on the radio, I would do it right there.  Otherwise, pull over and take care of that.

5. You've been invited to your boss's house for a dinner party. It's dark out and there is poor lighting when you get there. As soon as you get inside you realize that you have stepped in dog poop and you have tracked into your boss's house. What do you do?

Being that I am my own boss...I will have to think about my previous boss.  I would have laughed, put my shoes outside and done my best to find the carpet cleaner so that it doesn't ruin the party with the smell.

6. You are at a restaurant waiting for your food to arrive. You've waited nearly 30 minutes since the moment you placed your order when your food finally shows up. There is a hair on the top of the food. Do you send it back and wait another 30 minutes or do you deal?

It depends on if we were with a large group or by ourselves.  With a large group I would have sent it back and asked for my food within the next couple of minutes.  Having worked in a restaurant, I know how quick they can pull food out when need be regardless of how busy they are.  If I was by myself, we would have explained to them what happened and left.

7. If you had the power to do so, what would be the one question that you would like to ask anyone who reads this?

You're are at a your Christmas party of a very elite company.  I mean they are dressed in ball gowns and most of them are wasted.  One of the "big wigs" wife has her dress tucked in to her panty hose in the back and she is really cutting a rug on the dance floor with all of the other big wigs' wives.  What do you do?

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I wrote my own obituary...

Yes, you read it right.  I have been blessed to have learned about an 8 week course done by the publisher of Success Magazine, Mr. Darren Hardy.  It's called Designing The Best Ten Years of Your Life...and part of this last weeks session was to write your own obituary. 

First there was a series of questions that you had to answer assuming you were just told you had 24 hours to live.  And he encourages everyone to Play Full Out, meaning really get in to the roll to answer these questions.  Then the next exercise was to write your own obituary.  A little strange I might add but definitely eye opening...what would you be remembered for?

My sister called me right after I started writing it and as the usual conversation starts, "Hey what are you doing?", I said do you really want to know and she said yes.  I told her what I was doing and she almost dropped the phone.  She said, "You're kidding right?"  I had tried to tell her about the course because I know it would greatly benefit anyone who goes through the entire course, but she was too busy to listen and said she had to call me back.  So she was blown away by what I was doing.  I said, let me read you the first sentence that I just wrote..."Today we are sad to have to lay to rest a beloved mother..." and that was all I had by the time I was talking to her.  She was so grossed out. 

Isn't it funny that people are so disturbed by thinking about what their own obituary would say.  It actually proved to be a very good exercise.  When you can't think of anything important to write about yourself that you have done, you should be thankful that you actually are alive and able to change the course of your life.

What if you died today?  I know a little morbid, but think about it, what would those that loved you write on your obituary?  Is that what you would hope to be remembered for?  If not, change the course of your life...change the course of your next ten years and get started on this awesome FREE course through SUCCESS Magazine.  All you do is subscribe by putting your email in the top right hand side of the screen.  Then on Tuesdays and Thursdays there will be new installments.  All of the documents, training, video messages that you need, he will provide, FOR FREE!  Understand this course usually costs people around $5000 each. 

You will log in to on Tuesdays and Thursdays and you will receive an email in the evening of those days with the documents that you need to fill out.  He will give you all the ones that you have missed so you can start from the beginning.  But once this course is over, the forms will no longer be available. 

Take hold of the next 10 years of your life and be a part of this amazing opportunity to Design the Next 10 Years of Your Life!


I am a featured blogger...check it out!

Jerrica over at Something to Talk About has started a new meme every Sunday called "No Stranger Sunday"...each week she interviews and features a blogger to help others get to know each other better...hence the name "No Stranger". 

This week I am proud to be the featured blogger...please click on the above "No Stranger Sunday" link and don't forget to leave a comment.  

If you would like to be featured on this meme, leave Jerrica a comment with your email address included and she will get back to you.

God bless you all and Happy Sunday!


Friday, January 15, 2010

Be careful what you ask for...

Lately I have been a little a ton irritable...with my husband that is.  You know after 15 years of doing the same thing and having to put up with the same issues...they get a little old.  So lately I have not been as patient as I should be.

Due to furlough Fridays, my husband was off this morning.  I am so blessed to be a work at home mom that I have the pleasure of getting my girls ready for school every morning...except on Fridays, then it's dads turn.  This morning when the girls were getting ready or not... I was wondering where my husband was.  Low and behold, he was on the computer up stairs.  It made me so angry that the one morning that he has the pleasure of getting the girls ready for school...he is on the computer.  Uggh!

So I was furious and got the girls ready myself.  When my husband was leaving to take the girls to school, I whispered to him..."to save your marriage, don't come back".  Of course I was angry and he didn't really mind.  Then a few minutes went by and no big deal...then a couple of  more minutes went by and he still wasn't home.  Holy crap...he really wasn't coming back!

At this point I was starting to panic a little.  I was just kidding...I didn't want him to leave.  I tried to call him and could hear his phone ring from the night stand in the bedroom.  Oh no...I couldn't even call him and tell him that I was sorry and wanted him to really come home. 

An hour and a half goes by and I am sitting by the front window crippled by my emotions of what it would really be like without him.  I learned my lesson God, I won't say that to him again.  Please let him come home!

FINALLY...he comes home!  Oh thank heavens...I never really realized how much I missed him until he was gone.  It was actually a good little exercise and really turned out to be true when I told him, "if you want to save your marriage, don't come back".  Because that's exactly what he did.  He made me realize that I have to be careful for what I ask for and him ever leaving is not what I want. LOL

He thought it was hilarious!  He probably hasn't been greeted at home by me being that excited in a long time.  I couldn't quit hugging him...and he was cracking up!  He just went to detail my car for me...and I thought he was gone forever.  (I actually knew he wasn't gone forever but it made me really feel the empty pit in my stomach when he was gone and I learned very quickly, that's not the answer!)

God gives us lessons everyday and I learned mine today in a BIG way!

Thank you Jesus!


Aloha Friday...Vegas

Welcome to this week’s edition of Aloha Friday.

In Hawaii, Aloha Friday is the day that we take it easy and look forward to the weekend. So I thought that on Fridays I would take it easy on posting, too. Therefore, I’ll ask a simple question for you to answer. Nothing that requires a lengthy response.

If you’d like to participate, just post your own question on your blog and leave your link over at Island Life. Don’t forget to visit the other participants! It’s a great way to make new bloggy friends!

This week's question is:

Have you been to Las Vegas and if so, what was your favorite part?

This last weekend was my first time in Vegas.  It was so much fun.  I was there for a training for my business and then was able to see a little of the night life.  From what I was able to see, I loved the water feature in front of the Bellagio!  It was so amazing!  And really, even though I understand that all the beauty of Vegas is hiding the sin, it is still a beautiful city to look at. 
To read more about my trip to here.

I will be going back in a couple of months and would love to know what your favorite parts are so I can plan on those next time.


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts...Vegas and More Vegas...

Wow...Tuesday again already???  Where does the time go? 
This is one of my favorite days in the blog world because this is the time that you are encouraged to write about your most random up with Keely over at The Un Mom and get down with your randomness.  Here we go...

Just got back from Vegas yesterday from the weekend...this weeks random thoughts will be what's still going through my head after leaving...cuz you can imagine all the random craziness in Vegas!

Pictures...(right) in front of the Bellagio (left) in front of Paris

First time to was beautiful!  I was blown away by how creative all the casinos and just everything was.  I know that is just the outside though...that the beauty is covering up one of the most crime infested sinful cities on earth.  But how easily distracted  you can get by the beauty...oh look, shiny...


What about those guys trying to get  you to buy their girls...OMG.  I was warned before walking the strip about these groups of people that stand on the side of the street and try to hand out cards.  What are they you ask?  They are menus....of ladies...and what comes with that.  And you don't dare take one unknowingly because then you are SWARMED by all of them at once.  Note to self, if down and out in Vegas, create a menu of yourself.  J/K

Picture:  Me and Elvis
What are the odds that we would be there the same weekend as a PORN convention...actually considering it's Vegas, probably a pretty good chance.  So I am certain that everyone thought that's what I was there for...yeah right... maybe if it was the overweight moms with saggy boobs conferencc
But seriously, where can you get your picture taken with a walking Penis aside from Vegas? 
I opted to not post that picture to protect the innocent.
The guy on the strip that was in a white suit with a white top hat and was luring people in by telling them that he was from The Ellen Show and was getting people to dance in front of his camera...I think the first giveaway that he wasn't "actually" with The Ellen Show is that his video camera was duct taped together.  But what the heck...we danced, what could it hurt...please God, don't really let him be from The Ellen Show...amen.

Picture above:  Dancing for The Ellen Show...or not

So here's a hidden secret about the event that I had the bod...I would TOTALLY be a dancer in Vegas.  I love to dance so much and let's not kid ourselves, when you look like they do, people are going to look at you anyway, why not make money off of it?  Who knows...after the new boobs and bladder...I just might be the next pole dancer on the least in my wildest dreams.
I understand why it is called, "The City of Sin"...because even the God loving christian girl that I am, the sin was just wanting to spew out of my pores.  Thankfully, I came home proud to announce that I made it without sin in the City of Sin.  Phew...that was a close one.
And where else on earth can you go shopping at 1:30am in a mall and all of the clothing stores and every shop in it are still open....only in Vegas baby!  I was blown away...they truly mess with your mind in that place, no windows, no clocks and every place makes you believe it is the middle of the day in downtown Venice for crying out loud and the shops are open.  But just think if you live there and you have to work all day, you actually have all night to get your shopping done.  I guess there could be benefits to it.
Picture above:  Heather and I in front of the Bellagio water show
So for my first trip to Vegas...I can honestly tell you we had about 10 hours of sleep in four was worth every waking moment.  Also, considering that I went there for the most phenomenal training for my business that one could receive keep in mind I was not with the PORN convention I came away, full of info and sleepless.  Time to put it into action...
Next trip...MAY!!  Send me a message and we can have an informal "blogger convention" in Vegas!


Peace Out


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Works for me Wednesday...Online Shopping Coupons

I love participating in Works for me Wednesday. It is an awesome blog carnival hosted by Kristen at We Are THAT Family. I love seeing other blogs and have found some really cool blogs from it. I have also benefited from others finding me on there. If you have a blog, I strongly suggest you participate. It is a lot of fun and a great way to meet others.  This week’s edition of Works for Me Wednesday is about doing the opposite. Instead of sharing your tip, you ask for others' tips. This could not have come at a better time. I am in need of some of your tips. And since I have the smartest (and coolest) women that read this, why not ask you?

So the TIP that I am hoping to learn more about is...

Online coupons?  I have heard many people talk about all of the free stuff and discounted stuff you can get on the internet if you know what you're doing...and well I don't.  So I am hoping you will fill me in on your experience with online coupon clipping.

Please link up and participate in this awesome carnival with Kristen


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Random Tuesday boobs, bladder lift, theme song

Oh yes, it's Tuesday again. Woo-hoo! Time for Random Tuesday Thoughts! If you want to get down with your randomness head over the Keely.

I wish that when something big was happening in our lives...that we had a theme song like they do in the movies.  You know like when the climax of the movie is there...we always know by the music that is playing.  That way we wouldn't pass up BIG opportunities.  We would know by the background music that this was going to be important.


So this year I am really excited to finally get a new beautifully bought pair of boobs.  I breastfed twins for a year and a week...ladies, it's not pretty!  And when my husband questions me about them yeah right we know guys I just simply remind him that having twins has caused me to pee my pants almost everyday...I deserve boobs damnit!


Speaking of peeing my pants...this may be the year to get my bladder lifted also.  You see I am only 33 years old  and I don't pee my pants without knowing.  Prior to kids I would get the 10 minute warning, then the 5 minute warning and then the last couple of warnings.  Now I get one warning and that warning says RUN!  If I think I can go a bit never fails I am in trouble.  So I just laugh at it...really what else can I do?


I uploaded my first Youtube video recently.  The Christmas pajama party that I went to over the holidays turned in to a girls arm wrestling tournament.  One of my best friends and my sister arm wrestled and I put that on youtube only so I could get it to them so they could see it.  Next thing you know it has 1000's of hits!  It's cracking me up!  I didn't even mean for people to look at it other than my sister and friend and now they are little should check it out.  Kind of funny... click here to watch it.


So the new year is upon us and I guess there is no other excuses as to why I am still eating carbs...other than the fact that I friggin love them.  I feel like "they complete me".  I'll keep you posted on the weight loss...I know I can do it.  I have done it many times before, I just have to be ready to work hard for it, and starve!


Last thing to leave you with is this...there is an amazing thing starting TODAY.  It's an 8 week free course done by the publisher of SUCCESS magazine, Mr. Darren Hardy.  He is offering a course totally online to help change the next 10 years of your life.  You don't want to miss this.  Click here to get there now!


That's as much randomness as I'm willing to share...peace out!

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