Sunday, July 11, 2010

The girls' first sleep over...

A couple of weeks ago we decided that we would let the girls each invite a friend to sleep over because im crazy.  It is interesting with twins (especially identical) this is something I haven't ever really thought of before because they always have their best friend with them. 

This was going to be the first time that they had "friends" not cousins stay the night with them.  So they were pretty excited.  The girls that we asked, ironically, they hadn't ever stayed with anyone other than family before either, so it was a first for all the girls...that made all of them feel better. :)

So I called and asked the moms first and they both said yes, they were coming over Friday afternnoon.

So Isabella arrives (Emilie's invite) and she is so excited...but I can see the diappointment in Erynn that her friend isn't there yet.  (That darn mom guilt kills us...and gets me every time)

About an hour later Erynn's friend, Lauren, finally arrives and we decide that we'll go swimming before the BIG NIGHT...

It just so happened that my girls had been in Vacation Bible School all that week and this was the last day and they were doing a "Celebration" at the park for everyone to come and enjoy dinner, snow cones, bounce houses, they had a swimming pool, etc.  I thought thank you Jesus this would be a lot of fun!
As the 4 of them were getting dressed, I figured they might as well GLAM up a I pulled out all of the glitter and the kids innocent makeup.  They had so much fun putting eye shadow and glitter on each other even though I didn't know how we were going to get it off, it was so super cute to watch.

Then it was time to go...

They ate, played on the bounce house, the playground, etc. and to our surprise the church picnic had scheduled a ventriloquist to talk to the kids.  He was HILARIOUS! 
So on the way home I figured that we probably let them stay up until they fall asleep on a sleep over (that's what we did when I was little) even though it was 9:30pm we might as well stop and get ice cream. 

The girls were wired!! 

It was time to get jammies on and I thought we could take the TV out of our room and put it in the loft (where the girls were sleeping) and get them all ready for bed, pop popcorn and they could fall asleep watching a movie in the right spot please let this work, my eyes were closing I was so tired.

They watched the movie, Evan Almight (one of our favorites) and were starting to wind down.

And even our puppy was taking part in their sleep over!

They all fell asleep before the movie was over except for Lauren...she watched the whole thing.  And they slept perfect.

I didn't correct the girls on anything they were doing the whole night...just let them have their sleep over the way they wanted...for instance, my girls felt that since they had "their friend" there with them that every where they went, their friend had to was pretty funny but no one knew the difference cuz they hadn't ever done this before either. 

But thankfully there were NO problems at all.  Everyone got along great, they each had a blast...I had to go to training for my business the next morning, so my husband Adam made them breakfast and they sat at the bar and ate it...

Thank you to all of you who offered suggestions...we are excited to have another one and so are the girls. 



  1. Awww...sleepovers are so much fun! I remember mine very well, and my girls still love to have their friends over! Looks like they had a blast!

    Tree (aka Mother of Pearl)
    Mother of Pearl It Is

  2. So cool! I'm that they all had fun. Perfect timing around the celebration at VBS. I'm sure you'll be planning another before summer is over, right?

  3. That's awesome they all had such fun...and AMAZING they all slept so well!

  4. Oh how much fun they had! I still remember my first sleepover.