Thursday, August 19, 2010

Girls 1st day of 2nd grade...

This should just about sum up why I haven't been able to blog for the past couple of months and the first day the girls go to I find myself.  :)

Working from home is SUCH a blessing however it does have its challenges during the summer break.  We worked through it great and they are ready to go back and I am ready to get some work done during the day again...

The girls started 2nd grade today!!  I can't believe it.  They looked so super cute and I love that they love dressing alike!

They are in separate classes and when I walked them to class this morning (hoping to hang out in each class for a short time), they let the girls sit down and then we (the parents) were shooed out...OMG.
I wasn't ready for the boot in 2nd grade, I still like to be in there and make sure they know where they're sitting and that everything is ok.  Perhaps this is a hint to us moms on when to start to cut at least one of the apron strings. It'll take me a little while to digest that actually I never really will...i just thought that was the right thing to say.

I am so proud of my precious girls and so excited for what 2nd grade has to offer..



  1. It's crazy how they're growing up! Jayden's starting 3rd grade this year!

    I miss you, friend.

    P.S. there's HUGE changes coming to my blog.... I'm a tad excited about it.

  2. Oh Kandi, they are such little beauties! Can hardly wait to hear the tales from 2nd grade!

  3. where does the time go?
    they look so grown!