Monday, August 23, 2010

Making my blog private...

For safety reasons...we are choosing to make our blog private.  Please send me your email address so I can add you to the readers list.  I enjoy having a blog so much but there was a big scare recently close to our town that brought out the protective side of us.  :)
So we love all of you that follow us and would love for you to continue to read our blog...but you will have to send your email address to us so we can invite you.
Thanks so much for your's our job as parents to protect our children.


  1. I totally understand. Being a parent and with all the technology around, it's more frightening than ever. Please email me.

  2. What happened? I hate feeling unsafe!

  3. I recently removed all photos because I am scared of issues like this.

  4. Ohhh I hope it was nothing serious!
    And the girls look so adorable on their 1st day of school pics!

  5. I have admitted it before, but I am a computer moron and couldn't figure out how to email you, so I'll just leave my address in the comments. i would love to still follow you-- I was happy to see that now that school is back in sessio you would be posting more!

    So sorry to hear that you had a scare. I received some weird anonymous comments recently and wondered if I should stop, but they went away. You're right-- your first responsibilty is to your children's safety.

    I hope to still follow you and your adorable little girls!

  6. Hi. I am rather new to your blog. I discovered it when I was researching HCG about 2 weeks ago. Your blog on starting HCG came up in my search and I was so happy to find a "real" person who was talking about it and not someone who was paid to talk about it on a company website. (I would really love to find out more about your experience.)
    I am a mom with a very energetic son and I seem to always be running like crazy between sports (at school and at church and at the rec center--lol--until I had a son I never knew there were so many sports in the world!) and school/PTO and and about a million other "things that have to be done--now now now!!!!". As class mother and head of fundraising for my son's PTO, I have been shocked and saddened to see how little effort and time some parents spend with their children. It was truly a joy to read your blogs and see another parent that actually considers it a blessing and not a "chore" to do things for/with her children.
    And I have found that other mothers are one of life's greatest resources and I would love to continue to follow your blogs if you would care to have me. I 100% agree that your children's safety should be your main consideration, and since you don't know me I will completely understand if you choose not to extend an invitation to me.
    I am not very technical and I, too, couldn't seem to figure out how to e-mail you. It's a sad sad truth but my son knows more about computers than I think I will ever learn. So, I will leave my e-mail address here, and hope that is ok. Thank you so much, Stacey.

  7. I can't figure out how to e-mail you either. I want to follow! ~ I kinda wish you would share what happened, I have been a nervous wreck after reading your post. I am suddenly wondering if I should stop blogging, if I'm putting my children in danger.