Tuesday, August 24, 2010

My little scare...

I have received a lot of response to my last post about making my blog private and people wanting to know what happened.

It wasn't something that happened directly to me and I am choosing to not wait until it does...LOL.

About 4 weeks ago there was a man that lives a couple of cities (about 45 min) away from our town that was starting to prank call a lot of the girls in this community, many of which we knew.  One of them happened to be my sister in law, some were my 14 year old nieces friends and this man was doing obscene things on the phone when he was talking to all of these girls.  He said things like, "I'm gonna kill you" to 14 year old girls.  Now that wasn't the scary part...the scary part was that he knew a little too much about all the people he was talking to.  Mind you he called over 1000 women in this community and he knew if they had spouses and when they were at work.  For the young girls that he was calling, he knew what their moms looked like and a lot about them and their moms.  Thankfully he was on the front page of the paper last week after being arrested.  That was all it took for me to realize that I have given too much access to the "crazy" people out there to know about my family.

Having said that, I work from home and have many of my business partners (some of which I know, many of which I don't) on my facebook.  So yesterday I deleted everyone of my girls pictures off of my facebook.  Then I thought about my blog and I really love being a blogger and love having followers and being a follower, but it dawned on me that my whole life was on the Internet. 

I know some might say, "what are the odds"...the thing is, there are odds which means that there are some people that are targeted and God only knows what happens after that.  I would never forgive myself if I lured a predator to my family.  I am such an absolute freak about things like that anyway that I can't imagine how I became so relaxed about the Internet. 

Not to mention I have identical twin girls which is kind of a novelty anyway and I am a little partial but they are just gorgeous and I wouldn't ever want them to be fulfilling someones fantasies because of my inadequacies as a parent in protecting my children.

There...that's about it a lot more than you probably bargained for. 

I love you all and have visited your sites on many occasions.  I love the comments and feedback that you all have given me with my girls and in situations where we didn't know what to do.  I look forward to continuing growing our bloggy friendship for years to come.

If you haven't already, please leave a comment with your email so I can add you to my readers list after my blog goes private.  Friday will be the last day that I will have it open to the public.  I look forward to having many of continue to be followers.

God bless you all and your families!



  1. Oh my gosh! That is very scary! :( I totally understand your reasoning...it's nothing anymore to have "all your business" on the internet. Not just photos, but personal info too...it's crazy!

  2. That's really scary! I agree with being scared and not wanting to be the one to lure that kind of person around your fam. Dang it only takes ONE!

  3. It is scary. When my twin sis and I were 14, we started getting crank calls from guys that claimed that they knew us and saw us at school. We went to a very small Christian school and knew everyone there. These guys called at the same time each week and their calling went from being funny to being scary. They told us that they would be driving to our house and would honk and if we didn't come out, they'd keep their football helmets on. We still thought it was someone that we knew, until a car full of big guys drove up to the front of our house with helmets on. Then, we got scared. They started yelling obscenities and then drove off. The stupid thing on our part was not letting our parents in on it. Once we told them, then the police got involved and they ended up having to wire tap the phone. To this day, we don't know who they were. The police officers do believe that someone may have lost their telephone book and our names turned up and that's how they "knew" us.

    We can never be too careful with our children.

  4. Oh Kandi. I have been away from blogging for a while, but not for such a scary reason. Our privacy was violated and our identity given out by a crazy lady (long story) so I had to delete my original blog (from stilettos to sneakers). I am so sorry that you had this crazy scare. I am back to blogging too, but I'm not sure how much information I am going to put on my new blog. I am going to post again with my email address in hopes that you add me to your private list. I haven't been around for a while though, so I understand if you don't. Can you please delete my comment with my email address on it though? Thanks, and I wish you the best.

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