Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Luau Party...

Yesterday morning all of the tables were set up, the tiki hut was built and the yard was ready to be decorated.  The good Lord blessed us with 80 degree weather for our Luau Birthday Party for my girls 7th birthday!

The party was AWESOME!  We had around 50 kids and around 70 adults!

I was thinking that maybe 2 hours was not going to be enough and I was right.  We should have had 3...but everyone had a great time and the kids swam, we did the limbo, they play with squirt guns, the works.
Then it came time to is what I knew...if we let the kids dish up their own plates we would be completely out of food. You know how kids work...they would see the fruit and think OMG, I love fruit, take 4 spoon fulls of fruit and then throw away 3 and a half spoonfuls of it. So we had an assembly mom gave one bun with one plate, the next person put one hotdog on the bun, the next person put on spoonful of fruit salad, the next one gave one taquito, the next one gave one handful of chips, the next one gave a fork and a spoon. Vuala...just like that the kids were served. Now for the adults...we continued to serve the adults too because we didn't have enough food to feed more people than we had. We were not going to have left overs so if anyone took too much someone would not eat. Talk about cutting it close! Phew!

Well everyone was fed and it worked like a fine oiled machine.

We then decided we would do a group picture on the waterfall...thankfully I knew every kid that was there because I was having to instruct by name or this could have been very dangerous.  It turned out awesome!

So to rap it up...the only negative comment I had was a mom who said in a joking tone...the bad thing about you throwing parties like this is that our kids think they need this too. 

I can now throw myself into an overstuffed chair, take a deep sigh of relief and start the plans for next year.  LOL

Happy Sunday everyone!


  1. That looks like such a fun party! But I'm quite sure you deserve that overstuffed chair. :)

  2. Rest up! I'm sure you're really in need of it! That was a huge party! Everyone looks like they were having a blast. The other moms just may have to book you to plan their kids parties! :)

  3. I am so bummed we weren't able to make it. Looks like SO MUCH FUN!

  4. How awesome! It reminded me of the parties my twin and I shared. There's something so special about sharing your day with your womb-mate!

  5. Looks like it was a great day!! Kudos on getting the group shot...I'm now looking to do a thankyou from my daughter's party and I wish I had done one! Going to have to make that a tradition from now on!! ;-)