Thursday, April 29, 2010

My girls 7th Birthday...

So at 8:17am and 8:19am this morning, my precious babies were 7 years old!  My how the time flies.

I am thankful though that I don't feel like I have missed out on anything.  You see I was blessed to be a stay at home mom with them for the first 3 years of their lives.  All of their "firsts" I was there for.  Then I went back to work and they were in the on-site child care facility that was amazing on site of where I worked.  Once they turned 5 yrs old, I decided to start my own business and now work from home and have been home with them again for the last 2 years...thank you Jesus!  Why do I tell you this you ask...because I don't feel like it has gone too fast.  It's odd to think that my girls are 7...but it doesn't feel has though time as passed me by.  I have been there for it all. 

This morning was a lot of fun, we bought them new "birthday" dresses and curled their hair, put ribbon in their hair, glitter, etc.  You know, the typical birthday stuff. :)

On the way to school I was telling them how special they were and that God loved them extra well and that's why he gave them an identical twin sister and best friend to share their big day with.  They both agreed.

I told them that NOTHING will ruin our big day...Erynn said, "Unless someone kicks me mom."  Good point, but I told them that it would still not ruin our day cuz we wouldn't let it and you have to let something ruin your day in order for it to.

Then I said today is going to be a fun day...and Erynn said, "That's cuz you make it so special for us mom."  Here I go choking up even typing it.  I said thank you so much as I choked back the tears.  I thought to myself, "you can't cry for crying out loud...she'll never say anything like that to you again...stay calm, stay cool.  Phew it passed."  I was done with being choked up.

Then after I dropped them off I was coming back to prepare the cupcakes to take to the school for their classes.  They were all ready with frosting and sprinkles that the girls did last night...I just had to get them ready to transport...until.....I got home and noticed that over HALF of the cupcakes were missing.  My white boxer, Martini was outside.  The "rescue boxer" we have named Tyson, he was inside...he was the culprit.  You guys...he ate 12 of 20 cupcakes WITH the paper on them.  Needless to say, he is not going to feel well today.

So off to the store, I rush to have to find cupcakes...odd, 9am in the morning and the stores bakery don't have cupcakes yet???  How could that be.  I was off to the next store...again NO cupcakes.  They did however have mini cupcakes.  So I had to buy double of those and get to school.

The girls classmates were so excited and even more excited for the girls Luau Party on Saturday.  The good Lord is going to bless us with 75 degree weather.  Thank you Jesus!!

Tonight we are taking the girls to dinner and an I-MAX movie.  Should be totally fun!

I thank God every day for the blessings in my life.  How can one person be so lucky to have been blessed with two precious babies?



  1. HaPPY biRTHDAY TO THE GIRLS!! Time does seem to go fast sometimes.. I can't believe my girls will be 8 next month and my baby boy will be 6 next week! But your obviously doing a fantastic job. I love when they say things that make me tear up! GOD is awesome!
    Good luck with your party!

  2. I am blessed to be here with my girlies every day, but I still feel like time flies so quickly. It's wonderful that you can reflect back and feel so "full". I hope I'll be able to do the same.

    Happy birthday to your sweet girls!

  3. I'm just smiling from ear to ear! I just love hearing about their special day! Please tell them happy birthday for me. I know they won't know me from a stranger on the street but us twins know what a great day a twin birthday is. My sister and I always say, "If I had to choose anyone to share my birthday with, I'm so glad it's you." Plus, we always call and say, "Happy Birthday and then she says, "Happy birthday to you too." and we laugh and laugh because she says, "you're the only one I can say, "you too" to.

    Anyway, I am so excited for them although I'm quite concerned that Tyson may yak all over your floor after eating 12 cupcakes. Just thought of it makes me feel ill.

    Happy birthday sweet girls!!