Sunday, November 14, 2010

Hello dear bloggy friends....

I am SO EXCITED to be back up and running in the blog world that I SO missed!!!  Due to my displaying my families names, our location, etc....I decided to go ahead and start another blog starting where I left off here!  I love you guys so much and love to follow each of and you am SO hoping that you will follow me over at my new blog!  Same idea, same style, just a different name!!!

Please head on over to:  it is actually going to be called but being that it takes a little while for it to come up on the net after you register a domain you can go to the first link for now. :)

I love you guys all so much and love love the twins that follow my blog as well as the fellow twin and high order multiple moms!  Please head on over to follow me...

I will be removing this blog from the internet in a couple of please head on over now! 
Thank you all so much!

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