Friday, February 26, 2010

Aloha Friday...cell phones

Have you heard of Aloha Friday? According to Kailani at An Island Life, in Hawaii Aloha Friday is “the day that we take it easy and look forward to the weekend.”So every Friday we get a chance to take it easy on posting. Each participant asks their own simple question and then we visit each other’s blogs to comment on one another’s question.

Today's question is:

What cell phone do you have and do you like it?

I have the Pink Blackberry Pearl 8110...Being that I have my own business...this phone is perfect for me!  I have to have a smart phone.  I have to be able to get all my email, Facebook, Twitter, messages, etc. to my phone and this phone has proved to be awesome.  It does anything I want!

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Happy Friday!



  1. I used to have a blackberry curve and loved it, but when my contract for verizon was up I decided to head over and join my husband on AT&T and make the plunge for an iPhone. So far I have been happy, but I can not get the hang of the typing. All my messages are spelt wrong and have weird letters everywhere. Going from something with a keyboard to a touch screen is a hard transition. I find I am using my iPhone less then I was the blackberry.

  2. I have an LG I think it's called WINE, I am not sure - it's a dark purple color, very simple and functional - I like it a lot.

  3. i have a basic phone. Samsung i think

  4. Samsung Glyde - HATE HATE HATE it.

  5. I have a motorolla crazer. It's okay - but the battery dies way too quickly.

  6. I have a Blackberry Tour and LOVE it! I can't imagine not having a smartphone now.

    Stopping by via Friday Follow and following you. I would love for you to stop by and visit me too.

  7. I had a nextel phone for work until I got laid off, then bought me a verizon very simple phone. I don't text or internet or anything from my phone. As long as it calls people it was good for me!