Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My boxer rescue...

On Thursday night of last week, one of my best friends called me to share with me a very sad story about her precious boxer, Tyson. (Boxer on the right)  She mentioned that he was very sick and could not put on weight.  He is not even 2 years old and should weigh about 80 lbs. and only weighs 45 lbs.  She has had every test known to man done on him and he comes out with a clean bill of  health each time.

We thought that perhaps it could be something in her yard or her water, there really isn't much more it could be.  So Mandy called me because she knows the animal lover that I am and asked if I knew what to do.  I said, I would love to have him and try to see if I could help him.  You just never know.

So above you can see Tyson on the right.  We already have an albino boxer, Martini who is our precious baby!  They are new BFFs.  You can see in the picture above that Tyson's ribs are showing.  He is terribly skinny.

We have started to feed him three to four times a day and have really been watching his stools.  So far, he is eating but still really loose stool.  We are praying for him, loving him, he has a new best friend and we may very soon resort to making his meals for him.

Any suggestions anyone has would be greatly appreciated.  He is one of the sweetest natured boxers you could ever  meet.  Such a nice boy.  We love him and want him to get well...so prayers would be an awesome help as well.

You can see in these pictures that he has obviously made himself at home, considering that we don't let our animals on the furniture and you can see where we found him yesterday evening...on the couch.


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  1. Oh, bless his heart. I don't have any suggestions, but praying for him. He looks like such a doll. Keep us posted, ok?