Friday, February 5, 2010

My boxer rescue...Tyson Update #1

Erynn with Tyson before he started feeling better.

Well we have had a breakthrough this last week...thank you Jesus! 

This is an update on the rescue of our Boxer dog view the first post, please go here.

This week we have had good things and bad things...which do you want first?  The bad...ok.

Bad thing:  So this week we really thought we were making progress.  Tyson was eating really well and seemed to be doing better...well kinda.  Then my husband noticed that in the yard he there was straight blood as his stool.  OMG!  This meant that things were not going well at all!  Back to the drawing board.

I have talked to several of my animal lover friends and my friend Amanda mentioned to me that her mom had a boxer and she was going to talk to her.  She got back to me right away to let me know that their boxer went through the exact same thing to where he was dreadfully skinny and losing weight every day.  What was it, I ask?  She said that her mom learned that about 99% of boxers have an allergy to corn.  I started looking it up online and sure enough...they do!! 

Any dog food you can buy at a grocery store or Wal-Mart type store is absolute garbage for dogs!

Here is something that I have learned and this could be very disturbing to you so I apologize in advance...but most of the dog foods that you can buy in a grocery store contain euthenized dogs...not just the dog, but the collar, the metal tag, the works.  Not to mention...animal byproduct means that those were rendered animals.  This was a HUGE eye opener.  Not just for our rescue boxer, Tyson, but also for our own precious baby, Martini.

We thought we had Tyson on great food that came from the Vet.  It was a formula that was really good to help with digestive issues.  My husband checked the ingredients and the #1 ingredient is CORN!!  That means that is the largest ingredient in that whole bag of food. 

Good thing:   We instantly took both dogs off of this dog food and in the mean time I was feeding them 2 cups of cooked oatmeal with 2 eggs in it.  They LOVED it!  We have since been mixing rice with eggs and oatmeal.  After much research we have found some REALLY good foods for dogs. They are all natural and don't contain any animal "byproduct". 

Since we took Tyson off of this food he is actually starting to put on weight!  He was so terribly thin that not only could you see his ribs but the skin in between his ribs was sunk in.  Now it is not.  He is feeling so much better and the blood in his stool is getting less and less.  Not to mention that his stool is actually taking a shape.  It has been straight liquid for some time now.

He also seems to be so much better!  We are so super excited and going to fill him full of protein and great food and see if this is the answer. 

Please continue to keep him in your prayers.  We are not out of the woods yet...but definitely have a new direction to go.  Thank you Jesus!

Many thanks go out to all of you who have sent very kind message and are keeping this precious, very sweet, very well behaved and loving young boy in your prayers.



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  3. I'm new at Friday Following, but I'm here!

    Your girls are adorable. I'm an identical twin and my twins sis and I are the best of friends (even at 46 years of age).

    So glad that the boxer is doing better. I am a bit disturbed that dog food can have euthanized dog parts in it??? I had never heard that. That's disgusting!

  4. Stopping by from Fri Follows - I'm a new follower. Love to have you stop by:
    I'm glad he is better - they really do become part of the family!

  5. I never knew boxers were allergic to corn! Wow - good to know - thanks!

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    Twins huh! You must be one of those "super moms" :D

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