Sunday, March 21, 2010

Blogaholics Anonymous...

Ali at Mommylife started a new meme that you should all check out...head on over and link up!

This week is the introductions week. Here's how it will work. Every monday you can do a BAM post about your favorite post from the past week and your Blogaholic Confessions. Since this is introduction week I'll also have every one tell us a little or a lot if you prefer, about yourself and your blog too! Once you've finished your post, link it up and go around the meeting and support our fellow Blogaholics through comments & follows of course!!

This meeting is called to order at 11:12pm....
Hello everyone, my name is Kandi and I'm a Blogaholic. {everyone: "hello kandi" }

I blog to find and maintain harmony in my chaotic, frenzied, beautiful, dysfunctional, happy, crazy, inspired, blessed, and did I say CRAZY life!  I am a proud mom to almost 7 yr old identical twin girls, wife to my best friend and own my own telecom business that I work from home.  If that doesn't sum up crazy...I don't know what does. :)
Being that it has been a busy couple of weeks, I haven't posted as many blogs as I usually I am going to post my favorite blog over the last couple of weeks...Answers to questions about potty training, time-outs, toddler beds, etc.

Now for my confessions:
  • I love love love that my kids are home for spring break and actually have a little bit of guilt that I am looking forward to them going back.  Not because I don't love having them home, but because I work from home and have a tough time getting work done with them here.
  • I knowingly missed my girls' first softball practice on Friday by being at the zoo, park and a friends for dinner about an hour away from home.  What was I supposed to do?  There'll be another.
  • I am trying to eat healthy and exercise to be able to get into my "bathing suit" body by May/June time.  (Understand that I use the term "bathing suit" body loosely...that means a tank top and board shorts.)  I did stop twice at McDonald's twice this last week late at night...that wouldn't be so bad but that I am addicted to dipping my french fries in my ice cream...and I had that a couple of times this last week. 
  • I have a little guilt that I haven't been able to post once this last week besides tonight.  I will start to balance my work, home, family and blog life immediately. 
BLOGAHOLICS: Supporting one another through the addiction that is our blog!

Now head on over the Ali's blog and's very theraputic. 

Peace Out...



  1. Thanks for linking up!! I love your blog! I can't believe you have 7 year old twins! Crazy! I just have the one and have to physically try to keep calm! More power to ya! :)

    I love finding new blogs to follow!!

  2. I love this! I am with you on the Spring Break thing. I just got back from dropping mine off at school and the house is...what's that...oh yeah, quiet. :)

  3. Great confessions! I can't imagine having twins! I'm still trying to figure out just having one. ;) I'm glad I found your blog, and look forward to reading more. Following now!

    ps... Why is everything so good dipped in icecream? I like dipping my french fries AND chicken nuggets.