Thursday, March 25, 2010

Cell phones = Oxygen

You don't really realize how much you rely on your cell phone until you lose it!

I work from home and basically all I need to run my business is a cell phone and a laptop.  Well on Tuesday night I was at a meeting and when I was leaving I realized that I couldn't find my phone.  I thought there was a chance that maybe I just left it in my purse in the car.  When I got out to the car and realized that it wasn't there either, I was becoming a little concerned. 

You see I was almost 3 hours from home and was NOT about to leave without my phone.  So now we started searching high and low and had everyone in on the search!!  I thought it couldn't be long to find it...I mean I really didn't go very far. 

Two and a half hours later...we were STILL looking.  At this point it was close to 11pm at night.  I just couldn't leave without it.

At one point I thought I didn't have a choice, that I was going to have to head home without my life...oops, I mean my phone.  At this point my friend Jenn said, call me when you get home.  I had to let her know that I had no idea what her number was in my phone.  She said, OK is there a number I can reach you at if I need you tomorrow?  I said, yes I have a fax line at home...but I don't know the number, it's in my phone.  I then realized that all the meetings that I had the next day...the addresses of where I was going were in my phone.  This was getting more depressing by the minute.

So Jenn asked me if we should check one more time in the car that we were in, just in case.  I thought why couldn't hurt anything.  She didn't find anything and as she was walking back to the apartment, she realized that she had left the trunk open.  When she turned around to go back...IT WAS AT THAT MOMENT...that she saw my phone!  How???  I have no idea...other than the conclusion I came to that she has bionic eyes!

Here we are close to midnight, extremely dark, near a very dark parking lot and my phone is black.  Where did she find it?  Near the side of the building in the tall, dark grass.  I was blown away. 

For one thing, I was NEVER even close to that location.  For another thing, how would it have gotten in the grass off of the road or sidewalk?  I am still a little bewildered, but would rather be bewildered than sophicating...cuz that's what was happening without my phone.  Hence cell phones = oxygen!
The most exciting thing about this...I own my own telecommunications company that I run from home and to realize how dependent people are on their cell phones, internet, TV, etc.  It makes me have warm fuzzies that I get paid every time people pay those bills.:)  Thank you Jesus!!



  1. Okay... so let me tell you how crazy your life has been lately. You actually started to tell me this story last night and got side tracked and didn't finish... so I ended up reading the ending of the story here.


    And the fact that we get paid every time people pay their bills gives me warm fuzzies as well!

  2. Wow! Miracle of miracles that it was found. Hope no one used it to call out of the country!

    I am with's a lifeline having the cell phones around.