Monday, March 1, 2010

Funny stories about my twins...

Being that I was unable to write much over the last week...I have some super funny stories to tell you about my girls.
~The other day the girls and I had just got them home from school...and they were upstairs playing.  A couple of minutes later, Em came over to the balcony of the loft just crying  "Momma..." she was saying.  I asked her what was wrong and she said... "I am gonna be the president of the United States and sissy said she is not going to vote for me."  The devastation in her voice was so sad.  I told her that I can assure her that by the time she is running for president...sissy will vote or her.  LOL  ~The daily struggles of a 6 yr old. :)

~The girls basketball season just came to an end and was so much fun!  They did great!  Living in a small town you generally know all the parents of the kids that are playing and if you went to school in this area as I did, you generally went to school with all of the parents also.  So I was sitting next to my high school friend whose son plays on the girls' team.  Her mom was sitting next to her and told me that my girls really aren't cut out for basketball...being the major basketball player that I am and have always been, I had to politely share with her that my girls are 6 yrs old and in first grade and that by the time they are in high school, she is going to wonder who those awesome basketball twins are.  LOL 
I then turned around to watch the game and my girls were in the middle of the court (as the ball was on the other side) and they were hugging...I am imagining one of them must have done something good.  It was so funny...what are the odds that this was the time they chose to hug in the middle of the court after I just went to bat for them.  It kind of killed my case...but was still precious. :)  Basketball players?...I think so...but it will remain to be seen. :)

~And for those moms who think I dress my girls alike on purpose...they dress themselves alike every single day.  I asked them the other day if they like dressing alike and they both said YES and hugged each other.  I love that I am so blessed to have been chosen to have identical twins.

I will keep you up on more as it happens...but wanted to catch you up with those cute stories for today.

Have a great Monday!



  1. Awwww, Kandi, they sound so much like my twin sis and I. We dressed alike until we wee in junior high. It wasn't because we liked to fool people, we just liked being like one another.

    I can see how devastating it would be to not be voted for as president by your twin sister. :)

    Keep the funny stories coming. It brings back major memories.

  2. Very cute stories! Liked the one about being President and then sis not voting for funny!