Friday, March 5, 2010

WARNING: This post is a political venting session...

It is not very often that I will write about something just doesn't usually tickle my fancy to do so.  Well this topic doesn't just tickle my's pissing my fancy off!!

I understand that we are in a economical crisis...and being in California...we are really feeling the effects of it.  With that being said, there is still a lot of money that is going to the banks ($700 billion) and all the money going to the health care reform (which in my opinion we aren't going to notice anything from)...what about the schools???  Where does education fall into the priority list????

How is it that in the US...there is so little value put on education?  The last thing that should be touched by the economy is the schools!  Doesn't everyone realize that this is the next generation...these are the people that will be running our country in the near future!!  Or do they not care because by that time, they won't be around anymore?

We live in a small town and being that I am blessed to work from home, I am able to volunteer at the school in my girls' classes a lot.  I know all the teachers, principal, etc.  Not to mention, I went to this school when I was a little girl.

Walking my girls up to the school yesterday, there were big signs in front of the school that said..."SAVE OUR SCHOOLS"...they are going to be laying off 26% of the teachers in our school district.  It made me sick to see this!

What does that mean for our children and our schools...the classrooms are now going to go 30 kids to 1 teacher!!! 

Now tell me how this makes sense...our prisoners can get a FULL college education (on our dime), they can get a HEART TRANSPLANT (on our dime), the can receive a SEX CHANGE OPERATION (on our dime)...and we can't find enough money to keep our schools open!!  What the hell is wrong with this picture? 

It has always been said that the United States is the most powerful country...guess what guys???  The other countries out there are a lot SMARTER...they put a HUGE value on their education systems!! 

The schools should be the LAST thing touched!  The teachers should be a lot higher paid!!!  Maybe the politicians salaries could be cut to the same salary that the teachers make...and give all that extra money to the schools!!!  How is it that our society has come to a point where our education system is so low on the priority list??  Our teachers, our educators, our next generations are the ones that should be protected ESPECIALLY in an economy such as this.

There...I did it!  I got it all out and I feel much better.  Whether you agree or disagree...this is just my opinion.  I don't want the people in the prisons to suffer but I also don't think they deserve more priviledges than our own children.

Have a happy Friday!


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