Friday, June 11, 2010

Boys and Drama and now high school...OH MY!!!

My niece, Skye just graduated from 8th grade...I know this is an odd concept to many of you out there who don't live in school districts that do 8th grade graduations...but it is set up exactly like a high school graduation.  Student speakers, caps and gowns a dance afterward, the works.

I am hoping to learn a lot about what Skye goes through in high school to prepare me for my own girls to enter high school...there is already so much boy craze (yikes I'm not ready for that) and girl drama..."she made out with my boyfriend" and "she's my friend, no she's my friend, blah blah blah" etc. 

However my niece is an awesome girl and has a good head on her shoulders and I guess this is the time that you hope she uses

My girls are spitting images of my niece...she is such a beautiful girl...which is also such a major concern. 
Above: Skye with my girls;  Below: Skye with her dad, Brett (who is also an identical twin);  Skye with her mom, Kim (my sister)

Any prayers for her entering high school and her whole high school career would be greatly appreciated.  There is a lot of decisions a teen has to make and please pray that she uses the Lord as her guide.  And I truly thank God that I get to go through this with her to prepare me for my own girls when they go...which is thankfully 7 years away. :)


  1. The girls do favor their cousin. She's beautiful. I remember the jump from 8th grade to high school. Thankfully, we were in a Christian school so that helped take away the nerves.

    So, your bro in law is an identical twin? Are you and your sis a twin too?

  2. That's a beautiful picture of your girls and your niece!

    One of the things I love about the blog world is that I get to "peek ahead" at families with older children. I try to file away certain learnings for later. :)