Thursday, June 17, 2010

HCG...Day 4

Starting off this morning after going to bed hungry, I thought I would wake up ready to eat an elephant...not the case.  I was totally fine.  (And have slept perfect since day 1)

I decided to weigh...this would be the first time I have weighed since starting...I lost 5 lbs since the first day which was June 13th.  So 3 days in to it I had lost 5 lbs.  YAY!!

For breakfast:  9 strawberries
One thing that has been interesting is that I can't inhale the food.  If I eat it slow with very small bites it actually tells my body that it's full.  This is a complete first for me. 

For lunch: turkey burger patty and two pieces of celery

After lunch we had a bunch of the my friends and their kids came over to swim.  This was really fun and it wasn't hard to not eat anything UNTIL they had pizza delivered.  That was hard because of what a big pizza fan I am.  I got through it without any cheating.

I walked up stairs and had such a light headed feeling that I was starting to get a head ache.  I decided after my husband got home from work to lay down in hopes that this horrible feeling would go away.  I understand that it's going to take a little getting used to.  The book also states that this is a detoxing as well.

After the nap, I woke up and thought, OK...time for dinner.  I walked in to the kitchen and my husband, in a kind gesture, picked up a pizza for the girls without my knowing.  He thought that it would be easier on me to not have to make a dinner for them different than the one that I will be eating myself.  Very thoughful indeed....HOWEVER I felt as though I was very hungry and was not going to be able to beat the temptation of pizza again.  So I had a piece.  I know this is an absolute NO in HCG world, however I'm sure I'm not the first that has "slipped" on the 2nd day of the 500/day calorie diet.

I decided that even with my cheat I was still around 3/4 less calories than my normal diet.

We'll see what tomorrow brings...


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  1. Good for you, Kandi!!!! So, I found the secret to losing weight... I must say I never thought this would be the secret, but all I had to do was GET PREGNANT!

    As of Monday I had lost a grand total of 14lbs. On Monday when I went in for my prenatal check up I was down 8lbs in 4 weeks.... they weren't too thrilled with me LOL.

    But the baby is doing well :) I miss you and love you too. We need to talk on the phone and catch up. Life has been crazy!