Wednesday, June 16, 2010

HCG Weightloss Journey - Day 1 & 2

For those of you who don't know what HCG's a natural horomone that is turning in to a weight loss cure...not a diet.  I have researched the hilt out of it.  Holistic doctors are prescribing this for weight's how it works.

This is actually straight off of the website where I bought it:

Homeopathic HCG oral drops now available to you at a price that is affordable. This is the exact same type of kit and product that sells at the weight loss/ wellness/chiropractor clinics for $250 +, you will actually get more with this kit than what most of them offer. I am selling these kits in 21 days ( 3 weeks) and 42 days (6 weeks) plans which includes everything you would need to get started (except for the fresh food of course!). Lose up to 1-2 pounds a day safely and learn how to keep it off successfully. This program is based off of Dr. Simeons "Pounds and Inches" HCG is claimed to mobilize stored fat, suppress appetite and redistribute fat from hard to lose places like waist, hips and thighs. It breaks down abnormal fat and releases it into the bloodstream, therefore loosing inches as well as pounds. It is also believed to reset your entire endocrine system which your metabolism is a part of and allows you to keep the weight off.

This Diet is not gender specific and works great for both men and women.

Some other additional benefits that most clients have experienced: Balancing of hormones, lowered blood pressure, lower cholestrol, better more relaxed sleep, less joint pain, this only names a few!
There is NO mixing or daily shots required. People are having close to the exact same results with these oral drops as they are with the shots. All of my clients who have done both have all said after they did these drops that they would never go back to to shots! Save yourself the mixing and measuring headache as well as the pain of daily injections. This kit will also save you quite a bit of money over paying for the hcg shots which could cost you up to $1500 +.

Below:  Me and my girls about 1 week ago.
So here I go...I started HCG on Sunday, June 13th and here is my record of my journey...
You put the HCG drops under your tongue and then wait 15 min before you eat breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Due to the fact that your body will be releasing fat over the next (42-days for me), the first 2 days are what they call "fat filling" days.  I know this sounds crazy but when you understand how it works, it makes perfect sense. 

So basically for all day Sunday and Monday (Day 1 & 2), I have to eat a ton of good and bad fats.  Avacados, cheese, etc.  including french fries, donuts, ice cream, etc.

So that's what I have done for the last two days.

Day 1- was very easy to eat all of the fat.  I ate bisquits and gravy for breakfast, a hot dog from costco with a berry sundae for lunch and pizza for dinner with a piece of coconut cream pie.  (I am not a fan of greasy food or red meat or I could have eaten a heck of a lot more fat.)

Day 2- was a little harder to eat because I just didn't really have as much of an appetite.  I ate pizza for breakfast and a piece of coconut cream pie.  Pizza for lunch and some cashews.  Along with a mexican pizza from Taco Bell for dinner. 

So after being on this for 2 days I have felt ABSOLUTELY no different what so ever! 

I am excited to start the "Weight loss" part of the diet on Day 3!

Stay tuned through my 42-day weight loss journey!!


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