Thursday, June 17, 2010

HCG...Day 5

Today started off normal...however I did have an idea that I would eat breakfast a little later than I usually do so that I don't have as much time in between eating.  Considering last night...that was rough for me.

So it was time to weigh and considering that I had "cheated" last night I didn't anticipate losing any...actually I was hoping to not have gained. 

I lost 1 pound...totaling 6 pounds!!  Thank you Jesus!

So I ate a 1/2 of a grapefruit and drank some water.

Oddly, I can tell you that I was not feeling hungry today.

Lunch consisted of a turkey burger patty (with sea salt which has to be included in my diet every day) along with a sliced tomato.  Seriously, I almost couldn't finish the turkey burger patty. 

So things were going much better today.

I had 9 strawberries for my snack and that carried me until I had made dinner for a large group of our friends.  We had homemade tacos with those phenomenal tortillas from Costco that are like they are raw and you put them in a heated pan and they puff up like home made tortillas...aye yai yai...this is a down fall for me.  I made about 12-15 of those tacos and didn't have a desire to have one.  Of course I know how delicious they would have been but was not starving.

Also...NO LIGHT HEADED tonight!  No headache either. 

Tonight was awesome. 
Going in to dinner I had eaten a total of 220 understand that if you tried to do this without the HCG, your body would starve.  But my body is releasing about 2000 to 4000 calories from fat a day because of the HCG.  This allows my body to take calories where it needs them so we are distributing the stored fat. 

So for dinner I had crab with a K (imitation crab) and haven't had my vegetable yet.  Hmmm...what to have, what to have.

I can already tell you that I can tell a difference in my has gone down. 

Can't wait to weigh in the cheating tonight.  Thank you Jesus!  36 days to go!  LOL


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