Wednesday, December 16, 2009

1st Grade Christmas program...

Last night was the girls' 1st grade Christmas program.  It was so sweet!

I have them in separate classes and it was fun because they each got to learn different songs and go up at different times.  This is so good for them. :)

The evening did take an interesting turn we got home from school and were getting ready to get them in their dresses my sister called and told me something so sad.  A guy that works for my brother-n-law had his daughter, Alexis over at my sister's house.  Alexis is in Emilie's class.  My sister Kim called me and told me that Alexis was telling her how beautiful she was gonna look in her Christmas dress, etc.  Kim mentioned to Alexis's dad that it was about time for her to start getting ready and he told Kim that she was not gonna be able to go.  My sister almost cried.  We have such a soft spot in our hearts for kids that when she called me and let me know that Alexis was not gonna be able to go, I instantly had her bring Alexis over to my house.  Between my husband and I we had a dress, tights, matching shoes and a hair bow within a matter of minutes to get Alexis ready and let her come with us to the Christmas program. 

Alexis has two older brothers so she really doesn't get a chance to get dressed up very often...and she was so excited to dress up and sing her songs.  She kept asking people all night...isn't my hair beautiful?  Isn't my dress beautiful?  She was very proud of herself.  It was so special. :)

We were so thankful to be able to help her have a great evening, along with our own girls. 

It turned out awesome!

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