Wednesday, December 9, 2009

My brave husband...

This evening my husband comes downstairs with a pair of scissors and a comb and asks me to cut his hair...after I recovered from choking and slightly freaking out I agreed to do it.

When I was getting ready to start...I actually had no idea where to begin.  Do you go from bottom to top or back to front or visa versa?  Oh crap...what was I going to do?

So I started on the top and just made sure that it was even by pulling the hair up between my fingers and then cutting slightly above my fingers.  This is what I have seen my hair dresser do...isn't it? 

Well after about 15 minutes and a HUGE pile of hair on the ground later, I was done. 

He went in and took a shower and then did his hair the way he usually would and I am proud to looks awesome!  Who would have thought I had such a hidden talent?  LOL

I can't believe he would even put a pair of scissors in my hand.  I can tell you this though, there are as many cuts on my hand as there are in his hair.

Another one for the books...

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