Wednesday, December 2, 2009

When they think she's her sister....

Another lesson in the life of twins today...

My girls are 6 years old and they are in different classes in 1st grade.  There are many days that they WANT to dress alike.  Every morning when I am getting them ready for school I will ask them if they want to dress alike or different and around 80% of the time they want to dress alike.

Well, needless to say there are many kids in their classes that know that they have an identical twin sister but truly wouldn't know who was who in the hallway.  Today, as usual, they were dressed alike.  It actually doesn't even matter, they can get to school and walk each other to their classes and their friends try to figure out which one is in their class.  I think it is fun for them to guess so that they make an effort and unfortunately, no one has gotten them right yet...including their teachers. :)

This is where the story begins.  When I was picking the girls up from school today, Erynn was walking toward me and we were going to walk over and get Emilie.  A little boy from Em's class (who is usually really shy) said, "Hi Emilie" to Erynn.  And I wasn't sure if Erynn actually said hi, it appeared that she didn't.  My heart instantly hurt for that little boy that he got enough courage to say hi to Em and then thinks she didn't even say hi back.

So I had to have a talk with my girls...and I said, this is something that is going to happen for the rest of your life.  There will be way more people that can't tell you apart than that can.  So when you are walking through the school...through the store...wherever you are and someone says hi to you and thinks you are your sister, just say hi.  Why?  Because they are going to think that your sister is being rude if you don't.  Now there will be those that really think that you are the other one and it is at that point that I would let them know that they must think that you are your identical twin sister and then let them know that you are not.  Otherwise, it is going to be easier for both of you through life just to say hi to those that say hi in casual passing. :)

What an interesting concept to have to explain to my 6 yr olds.  They totally understood and Erynn actually let me know that she did say hi to that nice boy when he thought she was her sister.  Phew...thank goodness!

Where did my insight come from???  My sister (who is 11 months older than me) married an identical twin...and I ask them a lot of questions about growing up.  Here they are 39 years old, still look exactly alike, sound exactly alike and even though they live an hour and a half away...they own a business together, work together every single day, play together on the weekends, have the same hobbies, buy the same trucks, motorhomes, baja name it.  And to this day, they still say hi to those that in passing think they are their just makes life easier I guess.

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