Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts...crazy kids, too fat, 13 yr old blog

Whirlwind of holiday activity over the past two weeks..
May as well jump back in with some randomosity...

Is it just me or does everyone's kids go a little friggin crazy wild during this time of year.  My girls have always been so nice and pleasant to be around.  This year they are referred to as "a handful"...oh crap!  How do I get a handle on this.


I got a new look on my blog.  I was so tired of going to these other blogs that are almost too pretty to look at and then there was mine...so I got busy, quickly learned photoshop and made myself a banner and a button...go check it out and please comment so I know what more needs to be done. 
P.S.  It's okay to be brutal!


My 13 yr old niece has a blog...I am hoping this will allow her to "journal" her thoughts and have parenting advice from all the moms out in blog land.  We will see how it goes.  Please check it out and follow her so she can get some "real" parenting advice from someone other than her immediate family.


Why is it when you're too fat everything you put on looks HORRIBLE and when you are thin you can make anything look good.  I'm on my way back to making everything look good!  New Year's resolution...here I come!


How do people get so many friggin followers?  I want advice on what fun stuff to do on my blog and how to make it a Top Blog! 


How about buying Christmas gifts for your spouse...it never fails that on Black Friday I find a great deal, tell my husband that it was his Christmas gift to me and then by the time Christmas is here we are out of money and he does without once again...I have to go big for him in 2010.  :)


I have to get to work...thankfully I work from home!

Happy New Year to all!

To get down with your own randomness...hop on over to Keely and link up!


  1. Yes, we all have to get back to work after the whirlwind.

    Have a great Tuesday.

  2. I love your randomness! Yes the kids are crazy! Lose weight is still a New Year's Resolution, 4th year in a row, I think! No money at Christmas, thought that was just me! And followers, people with crazy numbers, I don't get that either! Love the blog!