Friday, January 15, 2010

Be careful what you ask for...

Lately I have been a little a ton irritable...with my husband that is.  You know after 15 years of doing the same thing and having to put up with the same issues...they get a little old.  So lately I have not been as patient as I should be.

Due to furlough Fridays, my husband was off this morning.  I am so blessed to be a work at home mom that I have the pleasure of getting my girls ready for school every morning...except on Fridays, then it's dads turn.  This morning when the girls were getting ready or not... I was wondering where my husband was.  Low and behold, he was on the computer up stairs.  It made me so angry that the one morning that he has the pleasure of getting the girls ready for school...he is on the computer.  Uggh!

So I was furious and got the girls ready myself.  When my husband was leaving to take the girls to school, I whispered to him..."to save your marriage, don't come back".  Of course I was angry and he didn't really mind.  Then a few minutes went by and no big deal...then a couple of  more minutes went by and he still wasn't home.  Holy crap...he really wasn't coming back!

At this point I was starting to panic a little.  I was just kidding...I didn't want him to leave.  I tried to call him and could hear his phone ring from the night stand in the bedroom.  Oh no...I couldn't even call him and tell him that I was sorry and wanted him to really come home. 

An hour and a half goes by and I am sitting by the front window crippled by my emotions of what it would really be like without him.  I learned my lesson God, I won't say that to him again.  Please let him come home!

FINALLY...he comes home!  Oh thank heavens...I never really realized how much I missed him until he was gone.  It was actually a good little exercise and really turned out to be true when I told him, "if you want to save your marriage, don't come back".  Because that's exactly what he did.  He made me realize that I have to be careful for what I ask for and him ever leaving is not what I want. LOL

He thought it was hilarious!  He probably hasn't been greeted at home by me being that excited in a long time.  I couldn't quit hugging him...and he was cracking up!  He just went to detail my car for me...and I thought he was gone forever.  (I actually knew he wasn't gone forever but it made me really feel the empty pit in my stomach when he was gone and I learned very quickly, that's not the answer!)

God gives us lessons everyday and I learned mine today in a BIG way!

Thank you Jesus!



  1. I can totally relate-- I have only been married for almost 9 years-- but the same old issues get old. What an awful and awesome thing he did to and for you...does that even make sense. Thanks for stopping by Getting all my Ducks in a Row.

  2. I miss you. The end. And you have an awesome husband.