Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Random Tuesday Thoughts...Vegas and More Vegas...

Wow...Tuesday again already???  Where does the time go? 
This is one of my favorite days in the blog world because this is the time that you are encouraged to write about your most random thoughts...link up with Keely over at The Un Mom and get down with your randomness.  Here we go...

Just got back from Vegas yesterday from the weekend...this weeks random thoughts will be what's still going through my head after leaving...cuz you can imagine all the random craziness in Vegas!

Pictures...(right) in front of the Bellagio (left) in front of Paris

First time to Vegas...it was beautiful!  I was blown away by how creative all the casinos and just everything was.  I know that is just the outside though...that the beauty is covering up one of the most crime infested sinful cities on earth.  But how easily distracted  you can get by the beauty...oh look, shiny...


What about those guys trying to get  you to buy their girls...OMG.  I was warned before walking the strip about these groups of people that stand on the side of the street and try to hand out cards.  What are they you ask?  They are menus....of ladies...and what comes with that.  And you don't dare take one unknowingly because then you are SWARMED by all of them at once.  Note to self, if down and out in Vegas, create a menu of yourself.  J/K

Picture:  Me and Elvis
What are the odds that we would be there the same weekend as a PORN convention...actually considering it's Vegas, probably a pretty good chance.  So I am certain that everyone thought that's what I was there for...yeah right... maybe if it was the overweight moms with saggy boobs conferencc
But seriously, where can you get your picture taken with a walking Penis aside from Vegas? 
I opted to not post that picture to protect the innocent.
The guy on the strip that was in a white suit with a white top hat and was luring people in by telling them that he was from The Ellen Show and was getting people to dance in front of his camera...I think the first giveaway that he wasn't "actually" with The Ellen Show is that his video camera was duct taped together.  But what the heck...we danced, what could it hurt...please God, don't really let him be from The Ellen Show...amen.

Picture above:  Dancing for The Ellen Show...or not

So here's a hidden secret about me...in the event that I had the bod...I would TOTALLY be a dancer in Vegas.  I love to dance so much and let's not kid ourselves, when you look like they do, people are going to look at you anyway, why not make money off of it?  Who knows...after the new boobs and bladder...I just might be the next pole dancer on the strip..at least in my wildest dreams.
I understand why it is called, "The City of Sin"...because even the God loving christian girl that I am, the sin was just wanting to spew out of my pores.  Thankfully, I came home proud to announce that I made it without sin in the City of Sin.  Phew...that was a close one.
And where else on earth can you go shopping at 1:30am in a mall and all of the clothing stores and every shop in it are still open....only in Vegas baby!  I was blown away...they truly mess with your mind in that place, no windows, no clocks and every place makes you believe it is the middle of the day in downtown Venice for crying out loud and the shops are open.  But just think if you live there and you have to work all day, you actually have all night to get your shopping done.  I guess there could be benefits to it.
Picture above:  Heather and I in front of the Bellagio water show
So for my first trip to Vegas...I can honestly tell you we had about 10 hours of sleep in four days...it was worth every waking moment.  Also, considering that I went there for the most phenomenal training for my business that one could receive keep in mind I was not with the PORN convention I came away, full of info and sleepless.  Time to put it into action...
Next trip...MAY!!  Send me a message and we can have an informal "blogger convention" in Vegas!


Peace Out


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  1. I am BEYOND JEALOUS! You have no idea how crushed I was that I couldn't go. But I honestly, downright COULD NOT PULL IT OFF. I tried to make it not an option, but it didn't work.

    That's okay. Deep breath in and out and a smile on my face because I'M REGISTERED FOR SAN JOSE BABY! ;) I knew I had to just go do it!