Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Commonly Asked Twin Questions...

I got this idea from Simply Blessed with Chaos...to answer commonly asked twin questions...so here goes:

1. Do they have a special 'twin' language?
A: My girls never really had "a language" if you will, except for one time...I was washing dishes and they were in their high chair behind me and I used to repeat what they said so they knew I was listening...they were 17 months old and I repeated what they said but actually had no idea what I was saying.  I turned around and looked at them and they looked at me like...are you stupid?  I actually felt stupid oddly enough and they went on to continue talking to themselves.  That was the only time I noticed it and it only lasted for a month or so.

2. Does one cry when the other gets hurt?
A: No...although there was a time when one of them was throwing up and the other was complaining of the stomach pains.  Also, there was a time when one of them had hurt their arm and the other complained of the pain. 

3. Do the girls share a room/crib/bed?
A: They do share a room.  When we first brought them home they were in the same crib until they were 8 months old and that separation was harder on me than on them.  LOL  When they were 5 years old we gave them their own room and for the first two nights they loved it, then they wanted their room back together.  They didn't like being apart, so we put them back together and made the other room a play room.  They loved that.

4. Can I tell them apart?
A: Usually identical twins do not look anything alike to the mom!  There are many moms that think their twins are not identical because she doesn't think they look alike, however that is a mother nature thing.

5. Why do you or don't you dress them alike?
A: I used to dress them alike because it was just easier to pick out one outfit and buy it or pick out one outfit and they both wore it.  Anytime we received gifts, they were always matching and I loved it.  As they have gotten older they still dress exactly alike most of the time and others will think that I do it.  This time I have nothing to do with it.  They enjoy dressing alike and will tell that themselves.  Which if you think about it, they were one egg...of course they are going to have a lot of similarities and likes and dislikes that are the same.

6. Which one is older?
A: It is so funny to me that people will automatically try to find something different with the girls.  When they can't they will ask...which one is older?  My girls don't know that one of them is older than the other.  Why create a problem, right?  And honestly, 2 minutes to me is not considered "older".  So when they ask them, who is older...they will say, neither, we are the same age.  It sometimes makes me a bit crazy sometimes when they are so determined to find something different.  I always talk to my girls about it though and we laugh.

7.  Lastly...I will share with you all the funny stupid things that people say and think they are original...like:
Double trouble;  Boy you got your hands full;  The doublemint twins;  Better you than me (and I totally agree); Are they twins?;  and many more but that's just a handful of what I can remember.

If you're a multiple mom out there please send me a message with the most annoying thing that you hear from other people...you know just for the fun of it. :)

If anyone has any other questions...just ask! It's actually kind of fun!



  1. Hi Kandi. I've just started following your blog... and blogging again after a 6 month hiatus... It was just needed. Anyway. I'm Deb, and I have 3 1/2 year old boy/girl twins. They're awesome. I'd have to say from my perspective (the boy/girl thing) that the most annoying question is "are they identical?" Ugh. It's a boy and a girl people!!! :-)

    Love you blog!

  2. Great answers, Kandi.

    It's a long time since I visit your blog. May I add your blog to my blogroll. Leave me a comment, please.

  3. NICE! I am an identical twin and I am 21 years old and my twin and I have literally lived together since before we were even created!! We both get really scared when we think of the thought of separating because EVERYONE knows us as the same person- no one even recognizes us as individuals and we've lived with this for so long that we've developed really bad communication skills with others on a personal level. This next Fall we're "divorcing" and I'm going to college in Utah while she stays in California. Do you feel that your twins will struggle with the same thing if they grow up thinking they're two of the same person, and everyone considers them a "unit?"

  4. The picture of them in the stroller is adorable. It's time to have some more twins now for your MaMa...Ha!

  5. Your girls are adorable. I have twin 15-month-olds (a boy and a girl). I also have a 3-year-old. The silliest thing that was ever said to me happened on a walk I was taking with all 3 kids. Someone stopped me and asked me how far apart the twins were. "Uh, about a minute." The woman was shocked. She apparently thought they were 9 months apart. My son is slightly bigger than my daughter, and always has been, but there is NO way they look like there is a 9-month difference between them!

  6. Cute girls! My brother and his wife have twins, a boy and girl though and her "favorite" question, people will come up and ask "are they identical?"


  7. I decided to do these questions as well. http://theitalianbelladiaries.blogspot.com/2010/01/common-twin-questions.html

  8. Hi! Just started following your blog. You have a wonderful family. And I have to laugh about the b\g twins being identical...Too Funny!