Monday, January 4, 2010

My 100th Post...yay!

I have just gone over 100 posts and can't believe how much I have learned about the blogging world in such a short time.  I started blogging in October of last year and had never even read but one blog before in my life.  I have a really good friend over at Garibay Soup and she has blogged for a couple of years and really inspired me to get started. 

I absolutely had no idea WHAT I was doing.  I just started writing.  Then along the way I learned more and more...I wanted to share with those brand new bloggers out there what I have learned over the last couple of months and would appreciate any other advice, suggestions, even criticism...I learn by my mistakes and am not too proud to admit it. :)

  • How did I choose my name...well I have twins and its really them that inspires me to write this blog...hence "Twin-spiration".
  • One of the first things I learned was NOT to write a novel.  Keep them short and sweet.  I know it seems that I still write long posts, but you have to check out my very first will see that slowly but surely I am learning how to say what I want in less words.  Really good lesson!
  • Another thing I learned early on was that when you're writing...put space between the paragraphs.  Click enter twice before starting the next paragraph.
  • I learned how to be a part of the blog carnivals.  I wanted so bad to know how to do this and tried to teach myself and I know Amanda at Garibay Soup will laugh when she remembers my first attempt at them.  I had NO CLUE!  I enjoy the carnivals a lot!
  • PICTURES...always have a picture either personal or from the web...for every post.  That is a big deal in blog I learned.
  • I learned Photoshop because I wanted so badly to have a cute banner at the top and a "button" that so many others have.  So I learned photoshop and made my banner and button...again thanks Amanda at Garibay Soup.
  • You have to be able to laugh at yourself.
  • I learned how theraputic and fun blogging is.  I love the idea of writing everything down because as much as I want to remember everything, it's never going to happen.  It also allows you to learn from your experiences as you write it down...what to and not to do.
  • And lastly...I learned that there is a company out there that will take your blog at the end of the year and turn it into a "yearbook style" book!  That is awesome to me.  I can print two, one for each of my girls, and that's something they will cherish for ever.  So basically we are journaling their lives for them.
With that...thank you to everyone out there for your comments, for following me, for voting for me, for the lessons you have taught me directly or indirectly, for accepting me into this world of amazing moms, women and men!  Here's to many, many more posts to enjoy together.  I still have SO MUCH MORE to learn.

God bless you!


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  1. Thanks for your comment and encouragement. I appreciate it. :)