Thursday, January 21, 2010

A bomb at school...

A mom can truly never rest...the girls and I went through our normal routine today and were off to school.  They looked adorable as usual, but then I am pretty partial.

Every morning I walk the girls up instead of kicking them out on the curbside...they are only in 1st grade. 

This morning, however when I was walking Erynn to her of the little boys came walking up and talking to me.  They all know me because I volunteer in each of the girls' classes once a week.  He said..
"I have a bomb in my pocket." as he is wearing one of those big black, long coats.  It was obvious that there was a large bulk in one of his pockets and not the other. 

I said to him, "You can't say things like that.  If you say things like that, the cops will come and you will be sent to the office.  That's pretty serious."  His eyes got big and that was that.  I mentioned it to the teacher before leaving to make sure that he talked to him about saying things like that at school.

You would think that it would be all over with, however as I was driving away from the school I thought to myself, what if he really did have some sort of a bomb in his pocket and is in the classroom with my daughter.  Of course you want to give him the benefit of the doubt that he is kidding, but what if?

I drove away and thought I wonder if at any time during these school shootings or bombings...did the perpetrator jokingly say something to the kids..." I have a gun in my pocket" and they just brush it off not believing him.  These are the kind of things that are going through my mind.

So now I sit at home still wondering if I should call the teacher, just to confirm for my mom heart that the big bulky thing that was very obviously sticking out of his pocket was not a bomb.

What to do? sad that this is my worry today.



  1. CALL! i would...just for peace of mind. those are you little girls. I would just confirm that something was said to him and the jacket was checked!! :) good luck!

  2. Hope everything was fine. And the teacher talked to him?