Monday, January 4, 2010

First basketball game...

So the girls had their first basketball game on Saturday and it was HILARIOUS! Let's just say these girls would duck when the ball hits the rim. Having played basketball for 11 years and coached for about the same time, I have never coached this young of a team. My girls are in first grade and their team is a co-ed K-2 team.

I decided to not coach since it was my own I signed my husband up to coach and my best friend, Misty. Misty was the best female athlete in our entire school and not only received a scholarship for softball but for basketball as well. I am so excited that my girls are learning from her!

We had a couple of kids on the team that were really good! I am not sure if it was complete luck or if the 8 year old really did have a hook shot from the 3-point line that he couln't miss. But either way, it was good for our!

My girls had fun. They didn't especially like the idea that they didn't get the ball a lot so we now know what to work on with the girls. Perhaps a little dribbling, learning how to pass and how to catch passes and definitely how to rebound.

This league is a funny's youth ball so you can ONLY practice with your team 30 minutes before each game...for example, if the game starts at 9:30pm, you start your practice at 9:00am. Totally crazy, I know.

This age group is just so darn funny because they literally don't know how to do ANYTHING. So they would actually take the ball and RUN...not dribble, half way down the court and shoot. I was crying I was laughing so hard.

We will have many fun stories to post throughout the next several weeks on what goes down on the basketball court.


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