Monday, January 4, 2010

I can't believe I ate sushi...

On Saturday night we went out with a group of our really close friends. It was a big celebration for one of them and so we all decided to go to the Japanese Sushi restaurant Mikunis. For those of you who don't have those in your area...Mikunis is the bomb! One of the best sushi restaurants anywhere!

I should have prefaced this by letting you know that my idea of sushi up until this point were California rolls. So I knew that this restaurant would have something on the  menu that was I would not have to eat raw fish...just the thought of it was making me woosy!

We were all sitting at the table and one of my best friends Melody was right next to me. She is very bossy and somewhat opinionated and hilarious...exactly like me! LOL Actually we are only 5 days wonder. When the first appetizer got there she grabbed it with chop sticks and shoved it in my mouth. It was delicious! Phew, thank God that was cooked! It was albacore with a bbq sauce...totally yummy!

Then they put another one of the appetizers on my plate and I loved it so I took a bite (with chop sticks I might my surprise im pretty good) and after biting in to it I realized...IT WAS RAW! Because I had eaten the first bite though I knew that it was totally good so I kept eating it. Had it been a raw mammal...NO WAY...but being that it was fish, I was ok with it.

Then the meals started arriving and they were all forms of rolls, like California rolls, the difference was that they weren't cooked. I decided to go ahead and try it, what could it hurt right. I took a bite of what they call a BMW...holy was DELICIOUS!

Listen, I am a chubby girl and would like to consider my self well seasoned in the eating category. How haven't I ever had sushi. Thankfully I am very open minded and willing to take risks and try things I haven't before. This was off the hook...and you would never know without looking that it was raw.

So after trying several other delicious things...and finishing off my California rolls, the evening was coming to an end. The bill came and there were six of us on this one bill...remember having never had sushi at Mikunis before this was all new to me. It was $90 per couple!! Perhaps those of you out there that are ROLLING in the dough see nothing wrong with this...rolling in the dough or not...$90 was a LOT. Especially considering that we didn't have any drinks at the table that would have added in to it.

Will I do it again you ask...of course! Can't wait to take my kids back, it was amazing and I definitely don't want them to get to 33 years old before they realize how awesome sushi from a reputable restaurant is!

I may start my own just never know!


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