Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fools Day...Identical twin style

When my girls woke up this morning I was trying to think of something really fun that they could do as an "April Fools" joke.  Then I got it...

They would switch classes.  Mind you they are only 6 yrs old and are in the 1st grade, which is why I thought the teachers would expect it less. :) 

So I told the girls about it and they loved it.  It was so funny when they had to take the others back packs, and try to pretend to be each other.

We first went to Emilie's class to drop off her back pack and one of their friends came up and started to talk to Erynn and said, "Wait, are you Emilie?" and Erynn said yes and she said, "I thought so" and continued to talk.  When we went to Erynn's class we had to show Emilie where Erynn sat. 

This was going to be fun.

The bell rang for them to line up and go into class.  When Emilie got into Erynn's class there were two of Erynn's friends that said, "Wait a second, this looks like Emilie."  I walked in and said, "Erynn, you don't have a lunch in your back pack, you'll get hot lunch today, ok?"...hoping that would take any suspicion away.  When I did that, the friends said.."Wait, I'm confused!"

Then I waited down the hallway watching...I thought I would see them switching classes fairly quickly, but they weren't.  They were playing it off.  It was cracking me up. 

I went in to Emilie's class and told the teacher that I needed to tell Em (well actually Erynn) something.  I whispered to Erynn..."are you ready to tell her?"  and Erynn said yes...she raised her hand and when called on said, "April Fools...I'm not really Emilie, I'm Erynn."  The teacher said, "Oh that explains why when I asked her to pick up her jacket she completely ignored me."  We all cracked up and the teacher put her head in her hands and said, "Shame on me, I had NO idea."  It was great!

Then off to Erynn's class to rescue Emilie...I walked in and nodded to Emilie and she said the same thing about her not being Erynn.  Half of the class was surprised but the teacher and Erynn's two friends had it figured out.  What good sports the teacher was to play along. :)  Then we all laughed and they went to the rightful classrooms and have successfully accomplished their first "switch-a-roo". 

Happy April Fools!


  1. My twin sis and I did that too. And the teacher never figured it out until we told them.

    It's amazing how the kids knew them apart.

    What a great April Fool's trick for them both!

  2. that is awesome.. i am sure my twin girls will do that .. they did in prek all on their own... switched shirts it was funny

  3. LOL That is too cute. My twin and I used to do that too. And we're not even identical. Very cute. I'm a new follower from Friday Follow. Have a good weekend.

  4. Ha that is so funny. I loved it

  5. Someone else used this photo on a wish site claiming the kids belonged to them. Might want to look into that. Here is the link:

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