Thursday, April 1, 2010

My girls were afraid of the gigantic bunny....

I started to think about Easter and it reminded me of my girls either 2nd or 3rd Easter...they were either 3 or 4 years old and it was the first one they actually were going to "remember".

It was time for them to go to bed and we had told them that the Easter bunny would be coming overnight and in the morning they would have an Easter basket.  They instantly got a little concerned and asked..." that great big bunny gonna be in our house?"  I told them that he comes in like magic and then he goes out.  Oh no, they were not ok with a giant bunny in their house.  They said, "No mom...that bunny can't come in the house."  So I told them we would write him a note and leave one on the front door and one on the back asking the bunny to not come in.  I wrote the note and showed them...and that was good enough for them to be able to go to sleep without sheer terror that a gigantic bunny was gonna be in the house.

That night I thought, how the heck am I gonna have an Easter basket in the house without the bunny coming in.  So I figured it out.  I made little clues by typing them up and printing them out (so no one would recognize the handwriting) and I put them in plastic eggs.  They started on their night stand and then that one told them where to go to find the next and the clue in the next told them where to go next...etc.  After about 4 eggs it said, stand in front of the sliding glass door and ask your mom to open the blinds.  And there were their HUGE baskets with big bunnies, etc.

Phew, we pulled it off.

What happened though is that we have had to continue the clue tradition ever every night before Easter I am having to make clues, hide eggs and have the Easter basket in a "special" place.  What I didn't know when we first started this was how much fun it is going to be to make them have to look for their baskets when they are older...that will be an amazing "HUNT".

Happy Easter everyone!

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  1. that is a fantastic idea... LOVE IT may steal that lol :)