Saturday, April 17, 2010

Proud Mom Moment...

On a normal day of dropping my girls off at school...being blessed to work from home I don't have to be in the line of cars that get as close as they can to the curb and then boot their babies out as they drive off before the door is closed because they are late to work....oh no, not me!  We get to park and walk our girls up to their classes every morning.

I do have some strategy see all the BIG kids are playing on the playground in the morning.  So we strategically get to the school about 2 minutes before the bell rings every morning.  I know some of you are saying "Shame on me"...however, my girls are 1st graders and they don't need to be bullied by the 5th graders...get me?

Anyway, there is another parent that must do the exact same thing every single morning dropping his daughter off in one of my girls classes because we are always within seconds of each other.

The other day when I was walking back to my car, so was he.  I introduced myself and told him that we must be on the same time schedule.  Blah blah blah.  You know all the getting to know you talk.

Then I told him how much I loved his see I am blessed to volunteer in each of my girls classes once a week and have got to know his daughter very well.  What a sweet girl who must come from very sweet parents. 

When I told him that I loved his daughter and she was so sweet...he said..."Your girls are SO good in softball!!!"  ...then he said, "Oh and they're sweet too." exciting...the girls are in 1st grade and he is telling me how good they are in softball. 

Being the athlete that I always was and still am...that warmed the cockles of my heart!! 

Just a proud mom moment for the proud moments book....

Have a great day!

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