Saturday, April 17, 2010

Multiples & More Question of the Week...Child Leashes?

The child harness... (or "leash" as some call it,) is a commonly debated topic among moms. As parents of multiples, our safety concerns just might make them a little more acceptable. What do you think?

This week's Question of the Week is:

  • How do you feel about child harnesses?Do you use them? Why or why not?
Prior to having kids I remember feeling like child harnesses were horrible.  I could not believe people would put their kids on a leash...then I had twins.  It became very obvious right away when my twins would run in completely opposite directions and I had to determine which one was going to be in the most iminent danger first.  That's which one I would run after first.  I learned very quickly that the child harnesses were a GREAT idea. 
  • How do your kids react to them?
My girls never used one but they did think they're neat because I have explained the purpose behind them.  I let them know that the mom of that child cares so much about her young one that she doesn't want that child to run off and doesn't want any stranger to pick them up.
  • Do you think they are an example of laziness, or simply concern over your child's safety?
I don't actually believe that there is a parent that could use it as a form of be quite honest with you it looks like it would be a lot of work.  Personally when my girls were little I told my husband that we were going to have them...#1 - because I am a mother bear and would not ever want my girls to wonder away from me in fear of someone grabbing them.   #2 - The thought of having them go in different directions at the same could use a stroller but they start to gain their independence and then they want to walk.  Here is the reason that I didn't use them...because my girls are excellent listeners.  That's the ONLY reason that we didn't use them and it was because we didn't have to.
  • If you are against them, do you think it's more acceptable for a parent of multiples to use them?
I find it WAY more appropriate for a mother of multiples to be using one.  Otherwise I guess a singleton mom could use one however that to me would be a little lack of discipline if she had only one child and that child was not staying in the stroller or holding the moms hand.  That would be a little concerning.
  • Do you think negatively of other parents that use them?

Because I am such a freak when it comes to parenting...the ONLY time I think negatively is when I am watching the parent that has their child on a leash and is jerking them around.  They are not a dog.  Use your words and help this become a learning opportunity to your child to become more responsible.


  1. I'm torn, because it didn't work for me in the way I would have hoped. I wanted to be able to give my child a bit of freedom, while being able to keep her from wandering. Shoo! Totally did not work for me. I haven't even contemplated using them with the boys, since I had a bad experience.
    Your girls are beautiful!

  2. I used the leashes once on a criuse when the boys were 2 years old. They worked okay. I am all for them for safety reasons.

  3. Hey Kandi, i'm following back from FF :) I'm a twin so when I read mom's blogging about twins I find it very interesting b/c I can get an idea of what my own mom went through lol I'm not against the child harness! Although, before i had kids I thought they were horrible! Funny how your perspective on things change after you have children ;) Thanks for following and i look forward to following you!


  4. Thanks for stopping by Your girls are beautiful and I am following you now!!

  5. My oldest two kids are like your twins, very good at listening! Unfortunately, my twins are not quite as adept at listening! lol! Hence the reason I have 2 leashes tucked into my diaper bag! Great post about it! :D