Sunday, November 22, 2009

Bitter Sweet...

The last couple of days have been interesting slightly crazy to say the least.

My home phone and cell phone ring at the same time on Wednesday call I picked up, the other my husband got.  My call was a really good friend of ours from high school, a guy who was in our wedding and has been my husband's best friend their whole lives, he called to tell us that his mom had committed suicide....everything in me dropped! 

On my husbands phone, the call was my husband's little brother calling to let us know that he and his fiance were expecting a baby (which would be the first kids on my husbands side of the family other than our twins) and that they were wanting to get married at our house on Saturday night. 

Talk about mixed emotions! 

With us moving in to our new house 3 weeks ago, we had already planned on having a "stock the bar" party in our new house on Saturday night.  The house that we just bought has a full bar and we are not big drinkers, so what better way to stock the bar than with a "stock the bar party".  We got the UFC fights and invited everyone to come over and bring a bottle of their favorite alcohol.  This was the night that Adam's (my husband) little brother (Mikey) wanted to get married.

Here's when things get Adam goes online to become ordained to marry his little brother and his fiance.  This was a very rigorous actually the easiest process you could have to go through.  It actually took him about 7 minutes on the internet to be "ordained" as a Reverend to marry Mikey.  We were cracking up.  All that huh?

Then we were off to the funeral on Friday for our friends mom.  What a very sad ceremony...then following that there was a celebration of life.  You can imagine what a high school reunion this was.  So we took it upon ourselves to invite everyone there to our "stock the bar" party the next night.  I mean, why not.  Many of them came from out of state and it was going to be a long time until we saw them again. 

So Saturday comes and by this time we have since learned that Adam cannot actually marry his little brother and fiance until the following week because he has to be granted a one day pass by the County Clerk and they were closed on Friday.

Our friends start arriving for the "stock the bar" was so much fun!  Everyone brought a bottle of alcohol and that totally stocked us up...for life pretty much considering that we are not big drinkers at all! 

Our friends were here from Southern CA, New Mexico, Nevada, Northern CA, as well as many from our local area. 

Things got very interesting...our friend Tim whose mom just passed away, learned yesterday that his girlfriend of less than 2 months was pregnant with twins.   Mind you, Tim's divorce is not even final yet.  The ex-girlfriend of Tim was at our house and was having an emotional breakdown because she has never really gotten over him and on and on and on. 

Adam and I are not big "party" people.  This seemed like a very logical way to stock the bar and was indeed a great time and so much fun to see our childhood friends, but in hindsight, we would like to go to other peoples houses for get-togethers because we always have a way of leaving before the drama.  I loved seeing everyone and was super excited to be able to dance and hang out...and I will keep you posted on the wedding of my brother-n-law.

Happy Sunday!

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