Tuesday, November 24, 2009

MY DH...

My darling husband (DH) and I have been really working on being kinder to each other and communicating with each other more...since our Marriage Retreat last weekend that is.  But how do you come home and not let anything bother you any more.

He is so kind and does so many wonderful things to help me that when he does good things...how can you complain about what he isn't doing.  For example, we have just moved into our new wonderful house...we had a bit huge amount of stuff left in the garage on the left hand side so he was not able to park in the garage.  He took the liberty of getting all of that stuff upstairs in to the house and cleaning the garage ever so tidy so his car would fit...but what about the STUFF IN THE HOUSE???? 

Perhaps I am the only one that remembers that this week is Thanksgiving and we are having it at our house...or no wait, I know...I am the only one that remembers that we have company coming over TONIGHT and there are boxes and boxes of stuff in my living room and bar area.  Ugh!

So unlike what I would have done last week...I kept my mouth shut.  Here is the hard part...I broke my back when I was 24 and am unable to assist him in picking up these boxes and moving them to the appropriate rooms.  So there they sit while my girls and are are living around them.  And yet...our company is in route to our house and will be here in about 5 hours.

Another thing that I will get off of my chest on this FABULOUS blog...so as not to have to mention it to the husband, is the fact that when I come home at night after my business meetings and he has every light in the house on, has put the opened orange juice in the pantry, shut the pilot light on the fire place off so I can't turn it on and has not done one thing with the living room...how does one keep their mouth shut then?  Well sadly, I didn't.  I'm not rude, if you can think of pointing out everything that he didn't do not rude, but I tried to be kind and didn't want to make it mean...just pointing out the obvious.  O.K. O.K., so I didn't think there was anything wrong with it until I just wrote it...it might have been uncalled for. 

So my question for all you "professional wives" out there is....How do you communicate the things that are making you borderline crazy to your spouse without offending them about the stuff that they did do?

And with that...I am off to go sweep around the boxes in the living room.

God bless you all and Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. Unfortuntately, I don't communicate well at all. I tend to keep things inside until I explode. Sounds like you're doing all the right things though. Good luck. Happy Turkey Day.