Friday, November 13, 2009

Home Makeover...

There are those who have an eye for decorating and then there's me...I have an eye for nice stuff but not where it goes.  My husband and I have been a really good team in life for many of those being that he has the eye for where things go and I buy the stuff that goes in the house.  It has worked out for many, many years...well if you must know since we were 17 yrs old.  LOL
Until now...we just moved into our new house and well there is just a way about this house that I know that our previous HGTV wannabe but not qutie cutting it techniques are really not going to work.  One of my best friends offered to come over and tell me what my house needed....and boy did she!

She brought her mom and they got to thing you know my furiture was being moved, the kitchen was being torn apart and everything was being put away off of the counter and in to the pantry.  The pictures were coming off of the walls and going on to new was crazy.  Then like the Tazmanian devil stopped all came together.  It was so awesome!  My house looks awesome!

Then on to the bedroom...the same thing.  She was amazing. 

My mom came over and wanted to take a peak...mind you my mom already lived in the Mother-In-Law unit for about 6 months before we bought the house...that's actually how we learned of it.  So I wanted them to know where I had come from and they went to my moms house.  Now her house is beautiful and she has beautiful things...A TON OF BEAUTIFUL THINGS!  My mom is a collector and she has so many little would die she could open up a store.  They came back and were blown away at not only how cute the house was...but how much stuff she had.

So at the end of the day...I was so proud of the turn around in my house.  It definitely needed it and we are all settled in. 

Can't wait until she comes back again...stay tuned!

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  1. So funny story... I had a dream that she came over to my house and she already had her baby, and then I asked when she was due and she got mad, because she already had the baby!!!

    She needs to come and do my house.... desperately need her.