Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts...

Oh, once again it’s Tuesday which means that according to Keely, I’m allowed to babble on about anything and everything that pops into my head!

This is my first time with "Random Tuesday Thoughts" and I am a little concerned at how excited I am that I can just go on and on about the random stuff that I worry about in a day...where to begin.
My girls are 6 year old identical twins and I have been having trouble with them listening lately.  Especially after they come home from school.  I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong.  Nothing is seeming to work aside from beating them...and I am not a spanker so that's not an option.  So I come up with a "Job Chart" that seems to be working for the past two days...but in the next two you know it's not going to work anymore cuz they just won't care whether or not they get a star on the "listening to mom and dad" box for the day...then what?
How the heck do people actually look at a new house and know where the colored wall should go?  I know that the walls need something...I can figure that much out and then I'm done.
What do you do when your sisters best friend from years and years is showing signs of skitzophrenia?  When she thinks there are three different people logging into her Facebook having the same name as her...it's time to be concerned.  But how do you intervene?  She has kids and those kids are having to think that there is someone after them because their mom does.  The other side of the family is perfectly heathly and not getting those kids out of the situation...am I the only person that can think logically about this????
To home school or not to home school...that is the question?  But do your kids suffer from that?  With the way the world is going...I would be just fine to home school my kids until they graduated high school and then send them to a really expensive college where they would be safe...perhaps thats a little over the top, but this is coming from a mom who totally understands the mom in the movie "The Boy in a Bubble"!
Not eating carbs...I have decided actually three days in a row that I am going to quit eating carbs...to which each day I have failed miserably.  Why is it that there are some out there that can actually lose weight by eating and I gain weight just looking at it?  Where is the justice?  And I don't even like meat...the no carb thing is quite a challenge for me.  But here I go again today...started my day with a small bowl of cottage cheese...yum!
Lastly...at least for the day...how in the world is one supposed to organize their stuff in a new house without any organizing tools?  I have plenty of room but not a place to put everything.  This could actually be a whole blog in itself.

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Have a great day!


  1. Fun random!

    Good luck getting the twins to listen ......ever! ;)
    Good luck with the whole school thing.
    Good luck organizing everything! Just put it along the wall that you are going to paint a color! ;)

  2. The key to having them listen is a good consequence if they don;t do what you want them to do. Just like in adult life! Speeding= ticket it's good incentive to not speed. LOL nt that that stops me sometimes.

    No carbs- No way couldn't do it and tried once and gave up. So not worth it. Life's too short.
    Following along now.

  3. I have a new blog for you! http://santiagotwingirls.blogspot.com/

    I love how how she does her blog... you'll love it too!!