Thursday, November 5, 2009

Things I love

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I have always been a party planner and have made all of my own invitations from my wedding invites (well I got the verse for it anyway), baby showers, to my girls' birthday party invites.  And I always do themed parties so the wording of the invitation is very important.  Where I go to find all of the perfect verses is called...  you can find a verse for any thing you need.  I actually will find one that I like and use the basis of it to make my own sayings. 
This works every year for birthday parties, holiday parties, baby showers, etc.  This website has saved me many times considering that in my opinion the invitation makes the whole event...if the invite is exciting and can draw them in, you will actually get more people to that event.
For example...this year I did a rockstar birthday party for my girls.  I really wanted concert ticket invitations so while I was looking online for the "perfect" idea that I could copy, I actually found a company that makes concert ticket invitations.  I had to come up with all the verbage and they would do the rest...they were adorable, pink and white and the seat and row numbers were all 6 because thats how old my girls were. 
Definitely use, you will feel really creative with a little help!


  1. That is a great site. I would love to use that for birthday party invitations.

  2. Love it! I do my own invitations too... did my wedding invitations also! I will have to share some of mine w/you next time you come up here :)

    It blows me away over and over again how much you and I truly are alike, my friend.