Sunday, November 8, 2009

Digital Scrapbooking...YAY!!

I have been a big scrapbooker for many years.  Long before I had kids.  I love the creative aspect along with the organization of it all.  I was a Creative Memories consultant for about 8 years and the only reason that I left Creative Memories was because at that time, they just weren't keeping up with the competition.  Now they have since made up for it and then some.
I have never been a fan of digital cameras...yes, I have one, but only because it is so much easier than the "old school" ones.  I honestly believed that digital cameras were for people who didn't know how to take pictures.  They would have to delete all of their pictures to get one good one.  Myself, I worked for a newspaper for about 3 years prior to kids and learned so much about all aspects of a newspaper.  One of those was how to take pictures.  You see when I take pictures...I want copies of all of my pictures.  And to be honest with you, I don't like the quality of the digital pictures compared to my "old school" way.
Well yesterday I had a day with "just the girls"...we went and got our pedicures, went and helped one of my friends register for her baby shower at Babies R Us and then we all met for dinner and made our way over to Marie Calendars for pie...needless to say, there was a lot of talking that went on. 
My friend Erica was talking to me about digital scrapbooking and she said something to me that stuck...I had told her that I make two books of everything I do so that when my girls leave the house they don't have to decide who takes what.  They each have an album to take.  However this is very costly, considering that you need two of every piece of paper, sticker, embelishment, etc.  My friend Erica has 5 kids and she justs makes her album on the computer and then prints out several copies "yearbook style".  I just about died...what a great concept.  It was all coming clear for me.  You see having been a consultant for 8 years, when I had to make an order every 3 months, basically it went like this"  one for my product base, one for me, one for my product base, one for me.  I have THOUSANDS of dollars of scrapbooking stuff left.  And I have done a lot of shopping in scrapbooking stores where ever we go and have brought a lot of stuff home from there as well.  So I probably have an estimate of over TEN THOUSAND dollars just in stickers.  Now I wish I could tell you that I am ashamed of myself, however I am not.  I love it so much!  I love my stickers, paper, embellishments, albums...all of the equipment that I have collected over the years.  I absolutely love it.  Which is why I think the whole transistion into digital scrapbooking has been so hard for me. 
One thing that I did do though since my babies were little with every single roll of film that I had developed, I also had them put it on a CD.  So I do have all of my pictures for the last 7 years on CD aka digital.  Yay for me!
Well now I am about to become a Creative Memories consultant again but not to make money on it, just to pay for my own hobby.  Based on the past, I have a tendency to buy a lot of stuff when I do these sorts of things. :) 
So I am excited to blog about my experience in getting in to a whole new scrapbooking world for me.  I will continue to scrapbook the "old school" way for my girls' first album since I have already started and have all the stickers, paper, etc. for it...but from this point forward I would like to refer to myself as a "digital scrapbooker". 
Any suggestions you other digital scrapbookers out there have...I would love to hear them. 
Happy Sunday!


  1. So excited you're joining the digital scrapbooking world with me!!! Oh boy, Adam is going to HATE ME FOR THIS!

  2. congratulations on your new adventure! I am a CM consultant, and I am also trying to make the digital scrabpook a new way to do my albums! but I really love my papers and tools!!! so I am looking to read your new adventures in digital. thanks for sharing!!!! Have a great day !!!