Sunday, November 15, 2009

Marriage Retreat...Final

So the weekend is coming to an end here in beautiful South Lake Tahoe.  We are so blessed to have been in such a breath taking place. 

I will sum up our time for you...
When we got here we didn't have a clue what to expect.  To be honest with you, I personally thought they were going to try to get to the root of our problems and tell us what needed to change and what we could fix.  Phew...that's not how it went!  I don't know if I was ready to hear all the things I should be doing differently. 

So the first night we were greeted by an absolutely amazing couple of faith.  They gave their testimonial and then really shared with us tools that we could take home with us to work on our marriage.  That was awesome!

The next day was just as awesome...we really got in to more depth in what the bible says about marriage and he broke that down in to how we could go home and incorporate it into our daily lives.   Then his wife spoke and she was just a doll.  They were so real and so candid that it made the whole weekend very comfortable.

They also talked about parenting and how to ask your children for forgiveness.  If you are wrong and you have done something wrong, admit you're wrong and ask your children to forgive you.  I loved that...and don't ever go to bed angry...or with conflict.  Work things out with your spouse and with your kids.  Give everything to the Lord and it will all work out.

Then yesterday we had a couple of hours to ourselves where Adam and I sat with the pastors and asked several questions that have just been in our minds for a long time.  It really taught us how to go home and implement all that they had shared with us.

And lastly, we have our church service this morning and then are on our way home.

What did I get out of it...I have a renewed spirit in our marriage through Jesus.  I let walls down that only God could help me do and I am so proud of us and so thankful that we had this opportunity.  We are going to do this once every two years to continue to work on our faith, our marriage and ourselves. 

Remember...happy wife, happy life!  Amen!


  1. I think it's absolutely amazing that the 2 of you had the opportunity to do this together. I hope that one day Gino and I can do this as well. I think every married couple should experience this... AND I loved that you blogged about it :)

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