Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving...success or failure?

This was our very first Thanksgiving in our new home and it was shaping up to be a very good day.  When you get family together you truly never know one way or another who is going to come to Thanksgiving and be a little sensitive or a little harsh for that matter.

I am proud to announce that this year was a screaming success! 

It's just amazing what a difference a large house makes for accomodating everyones needs.  Prior to moving to our new house, we owned an 1100 sq ft. house.  Now we loved our house, don't get me wrong.  But we were too big for it when we moved in to it, knowing that we were going to be able to add on to it within a couple of months after living there.  Then as you all know and are feeling the effects...the Real Estate market did what it did and the option to add on to the house no longer existed.

Our new house is 2500 sq ft. and is so much fun.  I was able to prepare the Turkey and all the goods and not even have a mess in my kitchen (so it seemed cuz the kitchen is so big)!  When you have a fun, gourmet kitchen, I have learned that you look forward to going in and preparing meals, snacks, etc.  (Considering my last kitchen had one drawer and one cupboard and we were there for 5 years.)  Can I get a what what?

All the family had such a great time...the turkey was PERFECT!  Thank you just never know with those big birds. 

We ate, then we enjoyed a game of our new house also came equipped with a basketball court.  After playing family against family...Thompson's against Yochheim's...we were proud to announce that the HOME team came out on top...1 for the Thompson's!  Yay!

A little game of Wii fishing was then we broke out my favorite game in the whole world, which you are not even able to buy and haven't been able to for many, many years...Mad Chatter.  It's just like a home version of the $25,000 Pyramid...and oh it is so much fun!  You can actually play up to 10 players and it is friggin hilarious.  All the family plays regardless of age and that makes for an even funnier evening with all the different generations.  What a blast!

You know there was a time when my husband and I would play games with me at home so that when we play other couples or members of the family...we dominate. (I'm not competitive at all yeah right)  Well it was obvious that we hadn't practiced, but I did give him the benefit of the doubt and took in to consideration that it was Thanksgiving and not a time to be upset at my husband's game performance.  LOL 

After all was said and done we did decide to go ahead and start up Saturday night family game night...can't wait!  :)

All ended well...we stuffed ourselves to the brim and now today are looking forward to the "holiday sandwiches" that I got off of someone's blog last week. 

Today we are putting up the Christmas decorations...let the holidays begin!

Hope you had a Thanksgiving to remember also!

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  1. So bummed I couldn't be there!!!! It sounds like you guys had a ball!