Wednesday, October 21, 2009

And the saga continues...

So my girls come home from school yesterday and Emilie has been asked out by a boy.  In a previous post I wrote about my sheer terror that girls actually start having "boyfriends" at this age.  Well during dinner we came to find out that this boy, who is in 1st grade but in a different class than Emilie, actually came up to her sister Erynn (mind you they are identical twins) and asked Erynn out, calling her Emilie.  I couldn't help but laugh to think how crushing that could be for a little boy, the first time he ever asks a girl out and he accidentally asks her twin sister.  When he found out that wasn't Emilie he said, "Oh" and then moved to Emilie and asked her out.  LOL 
So the girls come home and they are thinking this is really a fun thing.  Erynn decides that she is going to school tomorrow to get herself a "boyfriend".  And as the evening continues, they have come up with a criteria on how they will determine who can be their "boyfriend"...the list goes as follows:
  1. Who is your boyfriend?
  2. Why do you like him?
  3. What grade is he in?
  4. What is his favorite color?
  5. What is his name?
  6. What color is his hair?
  7. Is he a good writer?
  8. Is he a good runner?
And that about sums up what it would take to be their boyfriends.  I was laughing so hard at how funny kids are at this age.  Emilie actually told me that I could use the list too if I needed it.  So I dated the list and am keeping it for there rest of their lives. :)
We arrive at school today (the first day of school with a "boyfriend") and as we are walking up, this truck is driving past and the window rolls down.  This little boy yells out, Emilie.  I realize this is Rudy...the "boyfriend".  I said hi to Rudy and before I could turn around my girls looked at each other with sheer panic and took off running as fast as they could go.  Rudy gets out of the truck and tries to catch luck.  They were nowhere to be found. 
I had to go to Rudy's classroom to talk to the teacher about the holiday party that is coming up.   Her daughter is in Erynn's class and she wants to help out.  Rudy sees me and starts laughing and grunting and saying, "Emilie".  Well that's it...that's all it took for me.  They're done.  All the rest was O.K. for me, but a little boy grunting and saying my baby girls name, they're through. :)
I was really thankful that today is my day to volunteer in Emilie's class.  I told her that if she wanted to just tell Rudy that she wanted to be friends that it would be o.k.  She looked at me with relief and said, "O.K. mom, thanks". 
And that was that...another day in the life of a mom of 6 year old twins.

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  1. Boy oh boy.... I'm not looking forward to Ella's boyfriend drama! Jayden is still in the absolutely no girlfriend phase... I'm really liking it!