Monday, October 26, 2009

Pumpkin Patch w/ twins

Today was fieldtrip day for the 1st graders to the pumpkin patch/science farm.  Today was also going to pose a new challenge that I have never had to experience yet...two different classes.  How was I supposed to go in two directions?  I had to take into consideration how many parents were volunteering for the two classes...and then go where I was needed the most.  There is a lot of mom guilt associated with that though.  For get one picture with the sheep, then you want another picture with the other daugther and the sheep.  And the for the whole day I kept running back and forth from class to class to make sure that they both felt like I was there with them.
Kids this age are so funny.  They just say what is on their mind without any filter since they don't know yet what exactly is the right or wrong thing to say.  And I look at these sweet little innocent kids and wonder what life is going to bring them.  When they're in high school, no matter how they turn out, I will always remember the sweet innocence of 1st grade.  I thank God everyday that I get to work from home and NEVER have to miss out on these precious moments with my babies.

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