Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Puppy Love

Yesterday started out like all the other mornings and then the girls were off to school.  When I came home, I was on the phone with AT&T once again resolving a cell phone issue, when I let my puppy, Martini go out and go potty.  You should probably know that our animals are treated better than most Martini is a pure white albino boxer, 1 1/2 year old.  She is the best dog ever!
Anyway, I let her out to go potty and with this horrible storm we like her to come in right away otherwise she is not longer our "white" puppy, if you know what I mean.  I called her and she didn't come...I thought she might be enjoying the rain.  We don't get a lot of rain here so when we do, she is usually pretty intrigued.  After I hung up with AT&T (about 15 min after I let Martini out) I went out to get her.  When I went around the side of the house, much to my surprise I saw that the fence had fallen all the way down by the wind!!  My puppy was missing!!!  Now this is a dog that we had to train to sit when the door opens or she is out and its all over...she will run and run and run.  So my thoughts immediately were how many minutes have gone by and that she could seriously be half way to New York by now. 
I ran all around the neighborhood and she wasn't anywhere.  I made a quick flyer and emailed it to Staples and picked those up within a couple of minutes...thank you Staples...and had been looking for her ever since.  She had been missing since around 10am.  My hope was to have her home before my girls got home from school so we didn't have to break the news to them, cuz that wasn't going to go well.  I had called Animal Control and nothing.  Then my husband and I started going door to door in our neighborhood with the flyers to see if anyone had seen her and if they did, let them know she was ours.  My last attempt was going to be handing out flyers to the parents picking up their kids at school because they all live "somewhere" in my town and if they all had them, then we should have a lot better chance at getting her home. 
We pick the girls up at 2:15pm and at 2:05pm I was walking out to go get them when the phone was Animal Control.  An awesome woman saw my puppy running down the middle of the HIGHWAY!!  Yes, that's right, the highway.  She didn't have it in her to keep driving so she pulled over and called Martini and she ran right over.  She put her in her back yard and called Animal Control.  We are so very thankful for that wonderful, animal loving, woman who saved a part of our family yesterday!!  Needless to say, Martini slept for the rest of the day and the whole night, she was beat. 
We love her so very much and it makes us appreciate her even more!

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