Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Works for me Wednesday...

For this Works for me Wednesday, I have two things to write about.  First, I have 6 year old identical girls and as much as I would love for them to keep their adorable outfits clean, they don't.  When they get home and they have something on their clothes, I instantly have them take it off and in the laundry room I always keep a bottle of dye free dishsoap...I put that all over the stain, fold it over and let it sit there until the next load of laundry.  Then I throw it in there and it comes out perfect.  That has saved many items of clothing.
Second, the thing that helps me clean my microwave is so easy and works so good.  I get a coffee cup, fill it 3/4 of the way full and then microwave it for about 3 minutes.  The steam that is created by the cup of hot water loosens everything on the microwave and when you are done, you can take a wash cloth and just wipe everything out.  It works perfect!
Those are a couple of things for my Works for me Wednesday!  For more things that work for others, click here.


  1. What dish soap? I am currently home making detergent but use a spot remover....I don't like the chemicals though....thanks for the idea

  2. I've never heard of the dishsoap tip! I'll have to try it. Have a good weekend!
    pk @ Room Remix