Friday, October 30, 2009

Moving + Halloween = Craziness

Halloween is a crazy time anyway...finding costumes, dressing up w/ makeup and the whole 10 yards, coordinating trick or treating, etc.  Throw a move in the mix...and you don't actually have to dress me up for people to think I am wearing my costume already. :)  the costume is... I am playing the roll of stressed out mom!
I know that moves can be hard on our children.  Thankfully we are not far away from the other house and we have actually been hanging out at the pool of our new house we just bought for the whole summer as my mom lived in the Mother-n-law house and we were blessed by a phenomenal woman to let us buy the whole place.  This is truly a testament that good things happen to good people. 
Anyway, my girls have already become comfortable here, but none the less, it's still a change in their little lives. 
So they are super excited for Halloween and all that goes along with that and then they are moving...I felt bad for them today as I believe they were very overwhelmed. 
Then to top it off, we had a lot of family over and that always gets a little crazy in itself.  Anytime I feel that my girls are out of their element or feeling uneasy, I stress to the max!  They are my whole little life and if everything is not going perfect in their world...mother nature has me unsettled as well. 
So tonight, they lay down in their new bedrooms and we are in ours.  This house is crazy big and I am going to go back to having a monitor so I can hear them at night.  That would make me sleep better...not to mention our big dog sleeps in their room at the foot of their bed.  That does help a mom sleep better also.
Tomorrow we will finish the house and officially be moved in to our new house.  Very exciting with a lot to get used to!
We will move for half of the day tomorrow and then get the girls in their costumes and ready to rock and roll the Halloween night.  Can't wait for them to be kids and enjoy themselves greatly!
Have a safe night tomorrow everyone!

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