Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I can't believe it's starting...

My girls are 6 years old...not 6 1/2, not 6 3/4...they are six.  Today Emilie came home from school and was telling her sister in the back seat of the car that "Rudy" asked her out today...and she said YES!  *insert double take here*
This is all new to us...and having identical girls, we are getting a double dose of it on the first try.  What do we do?  How do we act?  I asked her about it and she said no, then I said, "You can always tell me about it" and she said yes.  I hugged her and said that "exciting" and said this will be the first of many boyfriends. 
Do kids at 6 YEARS OLD...really have feelings for each other?  For the love of goodness...what does one do?  So I am going to sit down with my girls tonight over dinner and we are going to "talk" about what it means to have a "boyfriend"?
Should I discourage it at this age?  Should I tell them they are not aloud to have a boyfriend until a certain age?  Personally, that would have made me had more boyfriends than not.  If they don't think its a big deal, maybe they won't do it. 
Oye ve...what am I gonna do?

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