Saturday, October 31, 2009

Multiples & More Question of the Week...

Multiples & More Question of the Week...
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And now.. here is your question!

What is your policy on giving kids candy?
What age do you think it is appropriate?

And.. be honest.. do you eat your kids Halloween candy?:)

My policy on giving kids candy has really been limited since they are only 6 yrs old.  I believe candy should be a "treat" not a daily occurrence.  There are a couple of days a year though that I just let my girls eat until they are sick...Halloween is one of them.  So tomorrow will be the day.  Easter and Christmas we allow them to do the same thing.  You figure you are getting candy from the Easter Bunny and Santa, you can't be rude, you have to eat it.  The age we started giving our kids official "candy" is around 4 to 5 yrs old.  However we are very healthy eaters and we don't keep candy in the house.  It really is a treat in our family. 
And as much as I don't want to eat their Halloween candy...we have to make sure it's not poisoned...right? 
Will post pictures today of the girls' costume!

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